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Online Artwork.

Original Art has been sold online since the internet first became commonplace and Joe Hendry has had an online presence for many years. (This website began in 2004 and has been online continually since).

Beginning to paint original art full-time in 2005, Joe Hendry has been using his online art gallery to initially bring his original paintings to the online art community and since 2007, his limited edition prints have also been available to browse and buy online.



Kilt Art

The response to my kilt art took me somewhat by surprise at first. The Answer Is canvas along with several other Kilt paintings seem to have caught peoples’ imagination and not just those in Scotland as Joe Hendry Kiltie paintings can now be found the world over.

This all began in 2007 , The Answer Is was the first Joe Hendry Limited Edition Print. The print was launched at the City Inn in Glasgow at a Joint event with famed Beatles photographer Tom Murray.

There are various paintings of male and female kilt-wearers throughout the site and although I paint many other subjects today, kilted figures will feature in my portfolio for some time to come.

Press & Media

Joe Hendry artwork has appeared in the media several times now.

It all began with a painting of Marilyn Monroe in 2005 when Joe Hendry artwork was featured in the internationally released book “Marilyn In Art”. This was followed up the year after with three paintings included in the homage to Princess Diana, “Diana In Art”.

A humorous painting of Andy Murry caught the medias attention in 2009 and in 2013, the Joe Hendry ballet painting En Pointe was used to dress the set of actress Heather Locklears office in the U.S. TV show Franklin and Bash.