Marilyn Monroe Paintings

Marilyn Monroe Paintings

Marilyn Monroe Paintings

Marilyn Monroe paintings were something I started to do purely as a treat to myself. Sometimes, when I am really pushing myself with figurative painting for example, I like to take a technique or style which i have developed and apply it to something at the other end of the specrum.

As I have said elsewhere on this website, I know that there is an “art snob” factor when painting celebrities, however, I have always been interested in celebrity culture, mainly of previous years and I have always found Marilyn Monroe fascinating.

Not just her undoubted beauty but her whole charm. She is magnetic on screen. I finally got to see Marilyn on the “big screen” in 2010 when “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” was re-released having been digitally remastered.

In this particular Marilyn Monroe Art, I wanted to capture a mix between the appeal of a faded photograph with vibrant colours which symbolise how alive Marilyn’s image still is today.

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