Madonna Ciccone

Madonna Art – The New Erotica

Madonna art is something I always approach with an air of excitement. Iconic artwork always gives me a buzz but I would get very bored as an artist if I did not try to bring something new to the canvas each time I approached a familiar subject.

Having painted Madonna many times before, it becomes inevitable that the same source material needs to be used. I love the shot of Madonna which this painting is influenced by but I wanted to bring it right up to date in terms of where my technique and painting process is currently at.

The earlier painting of this pose was one which I was particularly fond of. It had a really clean look to it and was one of the last “pop art” style canvases which I painted.

This new painting of Madonna from the Erotica period is in oil and, similar to the recent Kate Bush painting, I am refining it every time I return to the painting. Also, I love the way that the orange background is working, although there is every chance that this will be completely removed by the time that the painting is completed. Other artists and some visitors to the studio have mentioned that this Madonna artwork has something of Tamara De Lempika about it. As admirer of De Lempika’s work that is very flattering to hear.

The painting measures approximately 19 x 23 inches  (excluding frame)and is oil on board.
Original Painting SOLD

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