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Art, Life & Websites

 Art Of Ballet & Interruptions

Art obviously forms a huge part of my life but If  you read this website  regularly you will have noticed that there has not been quite so much blogging or in the way of new artwork as compares to normal.

A few months ago, life got in the way, as it tends to do. I mentioned this in my Newsletter, which was missed last month – it has only ever missed a month once before since I started to send it out over five years ago.

Sometimes though, as the cliche goes, a change is as good as a rest. This enforced change with various things going on, including moving home meant that as I have returned morte regularly to the studio (I was drawing  and creating other art when I could, from home), I seemed to be looking at things with different eyes.ballet art

This has involved some experimenting with media, such as the ballet art shown on this page. I stress that this is not completed yet – I am not quite finished with the arms and th efacial elements. This si a hybrid between painting and drawing and uses graphite, coloured pencil and watercolour paint. There have been several other experimental pieces over the past while. These have been in graphite as I have been trying to develop my technique further.

Today I was talking with some fellow Glasgow artists and we were chatting about where we are with our painting and also working with galleries. That old subject of  marketing art cropped up. It is an unpopular subject for most artists. Generally, we just want to paint. I am very aware that many artists struggle with the balance of spending time marketing and creating. I made a concious decision to try to improve my drawing and painting skills, to strive to produce the best work I can firstly and that spending tome marketing my art has to be second.

As part of recent time spent, I have also redesigned this website again. It did not eat too much into art creation time! It is also not completed but hopefully visitors to will see an improvement in the scale of the images.

More Ballet Art in the studio tomorrow, please look out for the completed pieces in the gallery section of this website soon.