Female Art – La Vie En Rose

Female art has largely taken the form of painting until 2012 when I began to work more in graphite. This has continued and this is my largest female art to date whichhas been created in graphite, coloured pencil and pastel.

As this is a large piece, I was able to be quite rubust with pencil strokes and in both applying and removing the graphite. The randomness of the pencil work became quite a theme for this drawing and it was a completely absorbing process which I have carried forward into other drawings.

There is something quite statuesque about the pose here . I have played around before with the idea of the strength of women and I think that this is very evident in this artwork.

The colour was applied on top of the graphite at a later date and brought an entirely new feeling to this figurative artwork.

Girl in Carbon is pencil on A1 Size cartidge paper.

Original Female Art For Sale