Female Artwork

Original Oil Painting – “Jenalee”

This original canvas, painted in 2007 shows a taste of what was to come further down the line. I actually began the painting in 2006 and worked on it periodically.

Jenalee was a girl whom I met online and had personality simply oozing from her. She gave me permission to create this original oil painting of her.

When I paint in oil now (2011 is th etime of writing), it is a much more intricate affair with many layers added to the paintings. Four or five years ago, when I did not paint in oil nearly as much, it was a simple, almost one layer process, which I really don’t think I would be happy doing now. In saying that, I love Jenallee as a painting. There is something about it as a piece of artwork for many different reasons that means a lot to me.

Also, at the time, I was painting many cultural icons and more typically beautiful portraits. Jenalee is a big girl and has her own beauty. I like this and the fact that this oil painting strayed away from the norm for me at the time.

Painting Dimensions: 30 x 40 inches on deep edge cotton box canvas
Medium: Oil

Original Artwork Sold