Male Figurative Paintings

Male Figurative Paintings

A New Tomorrow

Male figurative paintings like any figurative work can be challenging. Sometimes bringing a different idea or aspect to the human figure can be difficult. Certainly for this artist.

In preparing for this painting, the model was chatting to me and discussing some ups and downs in his life. What struck me was his positivity toward the future. This is what I wanted to be the central theme of this male figurative painting. It was to be a painting with a positive edge and also about subtlety even though a tattoo features in the centre of the canvas.

Painting Dimensions: 3 x 3 feet
Medium: Acrylic

Original Artwork Sold

At the time of creating this male figurative artwork, I had made a conscious effort to steer my artwork in a different direction. I wanted to move away from some of the techniques that I had been using.

I think this simply came from learning and from practice. Approached which worked well when I was in Design, did not always translate effectively to painting on canvas.

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This canvasĀ formed part of an exhibition of both male and female figurative paintings at an art gallery in Glasgow in 2009. Five of the paintings sold the night before the exhibition opened. This is a lovely feeling for an artist. It is validation that you are heading in the right direction.

Following this exhibition, I continued to experiment with how I painted figures. I know that some artists and art collectors like their art to be more expressive and loose but I actually went the other way and returned to some of the ideas from my design days.

My process and approach seem to have gone full circle, which can be seen comparing the male art above with the following artwork featuring a male subject.

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