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“Scot’s Pine”

Kilt paintings were something which, around the time of beginning to paint “Scot’s Pine” were becoming something of a double-edged sword. Man In A Kilt Art was beginning to take over!

I had noticed when I first started to paint, that people really like to pigeonhole the artist’s work. This changed for me over time. At first as being known for producing paintings of legs. Then celebrity art, after my artwork appeared in two books.  In 2007, Man In A Kilt Art. I loved painting the kilties. I’ve learned much about figure drawing and painting whilst producing them. It seemed that after that point, it was all that was expected from me. After a few years I stopped kilt paintings for a while. This however was not what I wanted to do either. So I returned to the subject but for me, in a more serious fashion. I love the humour of “The Answer Is” and “Wee Jock” etc. However, I realised that there would be more to kilt paintings if I investigated further.


This painting, created in 2009 is to date, the largest figurative painting which I have ever worked on at 6 feet x 3 feet.  There were challenges in working at that scale to keep the figures in proportion but as the canvas progressed I really became absorbed in it. I was mindful of both of the models and what they were going through in their lives and this canvas became all about close relationships and being together, even when we are apart, hence the title “Scot’s Pine”.

The moon/sun elements are to do with the distance between people who can gaze upwards and look at the same objects in the sky even though they are miles apart. There is also a nod to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in the painting of the sky.

Original Painting Sold

This artwork is available as a Limited Edition Print

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2 Replies to “Kilt Paintings”

  1. I am lucky enough to be the current custodian of your original Scot’s Pine.
    It gives me so much pleasure and hopefully my family for generations to come.
    keep true to yourself and paint what you love.
    Kind regards Tom

    1. Thank you for commenting Tom

      This is still my largest Kilt painting to date and I am very fond of it as it was great fun to work on. I think I might have som in progress shots of it being painted – if I find them I will post them and let you know.

      Best regards


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