Painting Demonstration


Glasgow Gallery Demo

On 25th July 2009, I gave my first ever painting demonstration at the Park Gallery in Glasgow.

I have had a fantastic relationship with the gallery since March 2007. Amongst other art exhibitions I have had two Joe Hendry solo exhibitions there.

This was different however. When I was first asked to take part in their series to celebrate the Homecoming Scotland event I was very flattered. Other artists included William Dobbie, John Damari and Douglas Roulston. These artists also gave a painting demonstration. I was also slightly apprehensive as I had never painted in front of a group of art-lovers.

Deciding not to plan anything I headed to the gallery with only  a few landscape photographs to work from.

I felt that the pressure was on to produce a completed landscape in three hours. In reality, this was never going to happen. I have rarely completed a large scale artwork or landscape in that time frame.

What I can say was that it was a truly fantastic experience. The feedback from guests and the questioning at the painting demonstration was very helpful. It was wonderful to see people who were genuinely interested in art.

It is always a concern that no-one will attend these events. I have to say a HUGE heartfelt thank you to everyone who turned up for the painting demonstration. Many stayed for 3 plus hours. A huge thank you to everyone at Park Gallery for yet again hosting a fantastic event. It somehow managed to be both exciting and relaxing at the same time. If you were there I am sure you will understand!

Joe Hendry Gets Ready At Park Gallery, Glasgow

Comment From Park Gallery

How does one describe the creation of a wonderful piece of art?

This is a very difficult question to answer for the majority of art collectors/buyers. Many will not have experienced the evolution of a stunning piece of art from a blank canvas.

I was delighted that Joe Hendry accepted my invitation to participate in a series of events at Park Gallery.  This was to celebrate Homecoming Scotland 2009, exhibiting breathtaking Scottish landscapes and art by our top selling artists.

Joe’s painting demonstration, alongside his exhibition, was hugely successful. It thrilled not only collectors of his work but also visitors who came along to witness something spectacular.

It was incredible watching the reaction of the audience as a blank canvas was vandalised by the most horrendous luminous orange. This was followed by the smiles as the painting emerged over the 3 hour event. I could hear the gasps as the event unfolded as we got an insight into the inspiration of an artist. I am a huge fan personally of Joe’s work and love the styles he evokes on the canvas and I gasped in horror as I saw the emerging structure of what was becoming a beautiful woodland scene receiving another wash across the canvas and the scene disappeared into the haze.

More questions were being asked and there was a unanimous ‘Why?’ to which the master smiled and said just watch and true to his word the structure emerged again only stronger and the colour palette was even more beautiful than earlier. After fielding a series of questions and working almost non-stop for over 3 hours, Joe said ‘enough’.

Finished Artwork

Was this a finished piece?  Joe was emphatic that the painting would need more work to meet his exacting standards, I was dismayed a I believed that the painting just needed a bit more tweaking and he could sign it, but as with most artists they strive for almost perfection and I for one cannot wait to see the finished painting as will the audience who watched in awe.

I know that this was an incredible event and I am delighted to have witnessed another great artist at work during this painting demonstration – THANK YOU

David Johnstone


Park Gallery, Glasgow