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Glasgow art scene has a lot going on and generally, I love looking at work by other artist’s. Painter’s mainly but I do like some printmakers too. If there is anywhere to get self indulgent and spout my opinion then surely it’s on my own art blog?

Today was quite an art-filled day. Firstly, I paid a visit to Trongate 103, a relatively new arts complex in the Glasgow. This houses the Glasgow Print Studio amongst others. I have negative feelings towards the Glasgow Print Studios as several years ago, when I was still in Interior Design, I paid them a visit to ask about print classes. Two stuck up people who obviously thought they were better than me took my details at the reception and I never heard anything else. I tend to rectify this and have a go again at a later date as there is something about print that really draws me in. Much of the current Glasgow artwork  is print based.


The new building, is quite foreboding. It is absolutely fantastic to be honest but it really has that unfriendly white-walled elitist look from the outside, which I guess is why in more than half an hour walking around, I did not see one other visitor.

Not one.

The Best Part

That needs addressed as far as I am concerned. Town was absolutely “hoaching” as we say in Glasgow, and yet this huge art space was empty. Part of it, I think is the aloof appearance of the place. It does say “Free admission” at the door but there is just a feeling that Joe Public shouldn’t be there.

I had a look around¬† the ground floor of the Glasgow Print Studio. A lot of the same stuff I have seen before. The Helen Fey prints are popular and I can see why. A lot of “challenging” pieces that in my opinion just don’t merit the wall space. It gets up my nose when I see what some of the Glasgow art being produced by artists at the WASPS Studios where I am based have tucked away, never seeing the light of day and then you see some hastily produced, arty farty crap taking up prime wall space in the City centre.

It seemed the best was upstairs though. There were a few Howson’s from around his war period. Big price tags and not his best work – and I love the mans’ art. Then there was a fantastic John Byrne. That made the trip worthwhile. The pic above was me snapped looking hacked off, because I was , just before I got to some work by Ron Pokrasso. It lifted my mood and my day. I left the place thinking that Trongate 103 could do better, be more accessible. Just my opinion but as I said earlier, it’s my art blog!

Art On TV

The anger returned though. Tonight I caught a new programme on BBC 2 called “Fake Or Fortune”. In a nutshell, an elderly Englishman owned an original Monet but because it hadn’t been accepted by the Wildenstein’s catalogue as an original years ago, it was deemed never to be accepted as an original. A fascinating journey followed with trips to France and Egypt proving beyond doubt that this painting was an original Monet. All that was left was for the Wildenstein’s to be given the new documentary information which was requested to conclusively prove the painting was original. Rather rudely, they summoned for the painting to be removed on the same day it was submitted and basically said that it was not an original. The reason: because their father had said so years ago.

Great television. Infuriating result. Just proving that if you have loads of money it is easy to get away with many things, but it doesn’t prevent you from being an ass and that’s this Glasgow art ists opinion!


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  1. Joe,

    I agree so much with you about Trongate 103. Elitist and not user friendly for your average punter. It seems to favour the same artists over and over and over again which is a sin when there are so many artist’s out there. And I for one am sick of the sight of Peter Howson, he’s in every gallery going.

    Keep blogging!

    Emma M

  2. Oh Emma, can you ever get enough Howson? I love the space at trongate 103 and I am sure it is great on launch nights. It just seems that there is something missing and yes it does seem to showcase the same artists over and over. If you look at other galleries though, they have a stable of regular artists, the difference with 103 is that I think it is council funded.

    Thanks for leaving your opinion,



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