Kilted Man Paintings

Kilted Man Paintings

Flower Of Scotland

Kilted man paintings have formed a part of my portfolio since 2007. I have been working on this “Kilted Man” painting. “Flower Of Scotland” for nearly seven months. I seem to have become obsessed with the detail of the brush strokes. I also had a concern where I wanted it not be “chocolate box” art but bring something new to the kilted man art series of paintings which I have been developing for several years.

Also, I really want this painting to be atmospheric, thought provoking and have an emotional content. Just what the figure is looking at was subject to change for some time, but ultimately, it just had to be the thistle.

This kilted man artwork is also another which rather than painting on canvas, has been painted on board, which for me, as an artist, is a very different experience.

Painting Dimensions: 19 x 23 inches
Medium: Oil On Board

Original Artwork SOLD

Flower Of Scotland Limited Edition Art Print Available In The Print Shop

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2 Replies to “Kilted Man Paintings”

  1. Love it.
    You have captured the muse perfectly with the imperfections of our make up .
    The small,cheekily wee smile …
    Is he thinking about the flower?
    Who he is going to give it to?
    Can he pick it without a jag?
    Or is he on a dream somewhere else?
    Fabulous .

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