Kilt Art

Kilt Artwork

Page Of Chalices

Kilt artwork has developed since I created my first “kiltie” painting in 2007. This painting from 2010 was quite large scale. At three by three feet it is also quite textured and incorporated several new techniques. I had been teaching myself with regard to applying paint.

Entitled “Page Of Challices”, people can read i what they will into this kilt art. It was mainly to do with the protection afforded by males over females. Hopefully not in an old-fashioned chauvinistic manner but in a caring way.

The idea came from two models with whom I had been working and were brother and sister. They were very different characters and there was a quiet protectiveness there. I thought I would try to represent in a subtle way.

The background to this artwork is very different to previous kilt artwork in that it is textured. It is also built up in layers whereas most of the previous kilt art I had created featured plain white backgrounds.

Original Painting – acrylic on canvas, dimensions 90 x 90 cm.

Original Sold – Commissions Welcomed

Available as a Limited Edition Art Print

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