Black And White Artwork

Black And White Artwork

A Monster Calls

Black and white artwork has been the way of things for me for a year now. I have probably used colour for 5 pieces in the past year, always returning to black and white.

It has been interesting to watch my own work progress during this period and It has been helpful getting feedback from others.

One of the things I try not to do is to get too influenced by other artists work. I see certain artists around me who consciously or subconsciously reproduce the style or subject in another artists work. Every now and again though something comes along that really impresses me. When I say impresses, the image above is more than that.

A fellow artist on Facebook brought this image to my attention and right away, I fell in love with it. I wrote back to her, asking where it was from. It is an illustration by Jim Kay for the childrens’ book “A Monster Calls”.

Too Good for Children!

The image is so steeped in feeling. It just looks so rich, atmospheric and it evokes so many emotions. I had to find out more and artist Jim Kay is very generous on his website, giving details of how he creates his work. I love the way he talks about the mistakes he makes in the process (something that I am trying to deal with in my own work – not to eradicate mistakes but to learn to embrace them and stop fearing them – perhaps they are my own monster?)

Jim even has a photo of a print he took of a breadboard with all the cutting marks – it is just fantastic.

I was so intrigued I had to get a copy of the book. It has one several prizes for author Patrick Ness. So it was off to WHSmiths to get a copy. I love Ebooks but nothing will replace good old fashioned paperbacks and hardbacks. Having not ¬†bought a children’s novel for some years but everything about this novel was so fascinating that I just had to have it.

I am half way through the story at the time of writing this and it is absolutely absorbing. I am looking forward to finishing it but the illustrations are just wonderful. They have got me so motivated that I want to rush off and learn about printing, something I have not done since college days.

So, watch out for more black and white artwork from me. In the meantime I’m off to read more of A Monster Calls.