Male Artwork

Male Artwork

To Have & To Hold

Male artwork in large scale has most usually been in paint mediums- oils or acrylic but more recently I have been working in graphite and charcoal and in a larger scale.

This piece, To Have & To Hold is A1 size and was created in a traditional manner but then the paper is “worried” away at over a period of time to give the desired effect. I have been developing this method of drawing over the past year, at first in a much smaller scale. I find that it is an interesting way to bring emotion into the artwork.

Male artwork which I have produced before has probably been more decorative for want of a better term and I am finding this new way of working on paper or board really exciting.

This is part of a series of female and male artwork which feature the moon or spheres. I want to leave it up to the viewer to gain their own meaning from the art but many of them are quite melancholy but with a positive nod towards the future. They are about longing, separation and togetherness.

These pieces have proved to be quite high impact due to the scale and I am hoping to develop some of the ideas further.

This male artwork is drawn in graphite, charcoal and carbon on soft white cartridge paper.

Dimensions: 33 x 23 inches

Original Artwork SOLD

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