Scottish Kilt Art

Scottish Kilt Art – An Independent Man

Scottish kilt art has obviously formed a major part of my portfolio of work since 2007.

Since the early paintings, I have tried to develop my ideas and my method of painting with regard to the kilt paintings with the progression of time. I have also taken breaks from creating kilt art and it is refreshing and exciting to return to the subject.

The Scottish kilt is simply iconic. I think that the whole idea of the kilt is simply fantastic. It immediately evokes images of the highland clans in our minds and it is obviously steeped in history. My initial kilt paintings were quite humorous and then there was a more melancholy twist. I have stayed with this and “An Independent Man” is to do with my thoughts on the future of Scotland. It is a painting about contemplation and decisions rather than a comment on any result. I wanted it to be steeped in atmosphere and quite a vibrant piece.

As far as my Scottish kilt art goes, the colourfulness of this painting I believe comes on the back of the fact that for over a year before beginning to paint it, I was mainly working in graphite and charcoal. This painting is almost a reaction to that and I think that in terms of colour, it is perhaps amongst the brighter palettes I have used.

This is the first in a new series of Scottish kilt art that I am working on.

Painting medium: oil

Painting Dimensions: Approx 27 x 24 inches

Original Artwork SOLD


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