Kilt Art

Kiltie Art

“The Thinker”

Kiltie art but with a title which is deliberately the same as Rodin’s great sculpture, it just seemed to fit this series of paintings which are concerned with human emotion and decision making points in our lives which can entirely alter or remaining time.

This painting has been the third in the kiltie art series (there is one still in mid stage) and it is the largest of the four at three x three feet.

Working in oil for almost three months solid following a period of a year where I manly drew or worked in graphite and charcoal has been a very interesting experience for me as an artist. Not only can I see changes in the manner in which I paint in oil but I can see changes and progressions in each of these paintings.

The Model

The tartan here is weathered Buchanan and it just seemed suited to the colours I had in my mind. The attitude of the model also added to this kilt art as many of my models do. Sometimes we chat during the process and I find that I subsequently find influences from the discussion appearing in artwork. The model for this I see as quite a calm person for his age (mid 20’s). I found him to have quite a pensive look at times. This lent itself well to the emotion that I wanted this artwork to convey. I wanted it to represent strength and calmness in approaching a decision or a crossroads before moving on.

Situating the figure in a landscape setting has also been interesting to work on. I have only done this with the kilt paintings once or twice before. II have not worked to this scale. Indeed, as these paintings were completed, I embarked upon a new series of landscape paintings.  These were influenced by this process.

Original Oil Painting For Sale

Original Artwork SOLD


£1950 Pounds Sterling including Uk Postage

Overseas Buyers, Please Get In Touch

Oil on canvas: Dimensions 36 x 36 inches


Framed Kilt Art
Framed Kilt Art


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