Scottish Paintings

Scottish Paintings

“Another Country”

Scottish Paintings usually evoke an image of a landscape in the mind. There is something decidedly Scots about the series of oils on canvas that this figurative female art belongs to.

It has been quite a journey for me producing these large scale canvases. Like many of my paintings they have been on quite a meandering path.

Scottish Paintings
Half Way Stage

These Scottish paintings have meant a lot to me coming on the back of a year where I mainly worked in graphite. I did not know how my painting would be affected. I am pleased that my approach has changed somewhat. This artwork is concerned with reflection and decision making. The mid-stage picture above illustrates how loosely i work. I tend to fluctuate wildly between the manner in which I apply the oil paint at various stages.

Scottish Girl In Tartan Kilt
Early Stage Painting

At the early stage of creating these Scottish paintings I was very aware that they would almost be a landscape/figurative hybrid. I don’t plan too much at the very early stage other than trying to make sure that the figure is as anatomically accurate as I can .

Oil on 80 x 80 cm canvas

Original Artwork Now Sold

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