Treelined – Landscape Painting


Landscape Oil Painting

Treelined was an interesting canvas to paint. At quite a large scale of nearly 3 x 3 feet, it allowed me some scope to experiment with new brush strokes.

The painting has three distinct areas, the grass in the foreground, the trees with the bright sky in the background and the upper layer of the sky.

I have been striving to create more emotion in my landscape paintings over the past few years and I like the emotion that this painting evokes. It may be a cliche to talk about being transported in your mind to somewhere else by a piece of artwork but I think that this is one of the “jobs” of a piece of art and I like the feeling I get from this piece.

Sometimes, I like to show how the artwork looks framed: it really does finish a painting off. Everyone has different taste in frames. Personally, I like plain and simple. The landscape is currently framed in a hand-painted wooden frame with gold effect slip.

Original Landscape Painting For Sold

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