Affordable Art

Affordable Art Online

Affordable Art is a fairly horrible term. The phrase that immediately comes to my mind when I see it is cheap art! However, the art world is very diverse and sometimes this area causes a real dilemma for many artists.

As I have said elsewhere on this  site and in my other art blog, I know many artists producing outstanding artwork who struggle to pay their bills. However, I also know famous artists producing pieces of a lesser quality that is as far from affordable art as you can get!

Art Marketing

Other than sticking a banner on a website saying “cheap painting for sale” or marketing 24 hours a day, I still believe that there is a happy medium.  Provided an artist’s work appeals to at least one niche. The bottom line is, it has to be quality work. Quality is what I now aim for with every piece I produce. I don’t object to creating quickly done pieces. However I won’t cut corners for the sake of money or a request by an art gallery owner. At the end of the day, It’s like a one night stand if you lower standards.  It leaves you feeling empty afterwards!

One of the pricing issues I have experienced when selling art online is selling framed paintings. Framed paintings immediately mean increased shipping costs.It can be very expensive posting to the other side of the world. This is why I would always recommend sending original artwork unframed. I suggest to prospective art buyers that they use their own picture framer.

Over the years I have watched my original landscape paintings and my figurative artwork both steadily climb in price. Whilst this has it’s obvious positives, it is certainly not what it is all about for me. It has always upset me when people tell me that they love my art but simply cannot afford it. Over the years I have tried to address this by making certain pieces available at prices way below gallery price. I do this at Open Studio events. I also introduced limited edition art prints in 2007. Even these, however proved too expensive for some people and with the phrase “Affordable Art” in mind, I therefore created a gallery of very affordable art prints on Etsy,

Print Quality

These prints are the same in several ways to my open editions. They make use of archival, top quality pigment inks. These inks will be around when everyone currently on the planet is not . These prints are simply a slightly smaller size and are not mounted. This also cuts down on postage. I could have resorted to cheap, machine cut mounts but I detest them. My limited edition prints are all mounted in double thick top quality hand cut acid free mounts.

The other reason they are affordable art is the fact that they are open edition. Although there is not much profit in these, there is enough to make the project viable . This is provided that they sell in greater numbers than the Limited Edition prints do.

These prints have been received very well. The most interesting thing for me has been seeing ten years of artwork appear on Etsy all of a sudden.  An entire portfolio all in the one place. Many of these prints have never been available before.