Elvis Presley Art

Elvis Presley Art

Fan Art

Elvis Presley had cemented his place in the history books at a young age. Before and after the death of Elvis, artists have captured his likeness in all kinds of 2D and 3D media. This Elvis Presley art is my third artwork featuring this most famous of celebrities.

My own approach to creating celebrity art is to see the celebrity as someone who I know. To take the things that I know about them and the feelings that I have about them. I transfer these thoughts and feelings into the artwork.

Most artists have to use images in the public domain to create their own artwork. Fan art and it is interesting to see the different artworks produced from the same image.

With celebrities who are no longer alive, these images are finite and it is only really through artists that new dimensions can be brought to these images.

For this piece, I wanted to create a warmth in my Elvis portrait: a real human connection for someone who was for most, untouchable. I also wanted it to have a dynamic feel which would convey that Elvis Presley really was something very special in so many ways.

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