Gary Numan Art

Gary Numan Art

“La La Land”

Gary Numan Art for me should not reflect all the sorts of things said about him in the press. Whenever he appears in print or TV, reference is usually made to the singles Cars and Are “Friends” Electric. Gary Numan is about so much more than these groundbreaking singles however.

Having been a fan for nearly 40 years at the time of writing, I can say that I feel like I know Numan’s face quite well. This was an interesting piece of artwork to create as, heading towards 60, his face has a completely different character (as most of us have as we age!) to the youthful first appearances in white pan-stick.

I wanted to capture what I feel is the depth to a man who has written some wonderfully emotive songs over the past four decades.

Gary Numan is certainly very far from the emotionless robot that the media would have us believe.

Dimensions : 8 x 8 Inches

Media: Lightfast pencil on board.

Original Artwork Available soon.

Gary Numan Artwork History

I have created Gary Numan art before. This piece is very different as it is small scale. The previous were large canvas paintings in acrylic and oil.

This new piece is much smaller, more detailed and intimate. Working small-scale suits me better these days and I feel that this suits the more mature Numan and I hope I have captured him well.

Drawing as opposed to painting has become a more enjoyable experience for me. I love the different textures and small-scale detail that can be achieved with the point of a pencil.

This Gary Numan Art was drawn on an MDF board which is gesso’d and sanded to give a smooth surface before adding the medium. The final artwork is sealed in the finest quality French fixative giving it a smooth, lustrous finish..

Original Artwork available soon

The Previous Gary Numan Paintings

Original Oil Painting

Gary Numan Oil Painting

Gary Numan, is I believe one of the most misunderstood and most overlooked musicians of our time. Now in his 50’s Numan is an accomplished live performer and has a back catalogue containing some outstanding, moving, unique songs.

When Numan first appeared on the music scene he encountered all kinds of  criticism. It became a cliched to :slag Numan off” after a few years and he became unfashionable. Many people forget however that  Numan had written three outstanding albums, 2 of which hit the No 1 spot in the UK album charts. Not to mention 2 number one singles and all in the same year, when he was only 21 years old.

Much of the criticism has been grossly unfair and possibly made by those who only heard singles and not album tracks which is where Numan shows his true talent.

Gary Numan Acrylic Painting
Gary Numan Art

The top painting is a homage to Gary Numan around 1979 and the second Numan painting is of the man in more recent years although it was painted five years before the top painting.

Top Painting Dimensions: 36 x 36 inches
Medium: Oil on deep edged cotton box canvas

Second Painting Dimensions : 36 x 34 inches

Medium: Acrylicon deep edged cotton box canvas

Original Artwork Sold

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