Illustrative Art – The Fall

The Fall


Working on an illustration can start with a lot of planning. This piece was different. Painting and drawing can begin in many ways. To say that there is always an idea or a vision in an artist’s mind would be untrue.

The Fall is an example of a piece of art where I had no preconception of how this artwork would appear or if it would end up in the waste.

Starting is everything. This is true of almost anything in life and when it comes to artwork, sometimes, just making a mark on paper or canvas is all that is needed. Ideas that originate in the head sometimes stay there.

Like several of my paintings and drawings, I really want the viewer to make there own mind up as to any meaning behind this piece but it is about change and moving through life.

This art was an early piece in which I used this particular combination of textured paper and a mix of high quality pigment pencils. Light in some areas and with a heavier pressure in others, I learned a lot creating this artwork, employing techniques new to me.I then took these on to use in other drawings and paintings.

Medium: Lightfast pencil

Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm

Original Artwork available soon. Please contact to register interest.