Madonna Art

True Blue

Madonna art has peppered my artistic life. She is a fascinating subject for me to return to again and again.

Her album True Blue is three decades old now. This is quite difficult to comprehend.The height of the 80’s is symbolised by Madonna in both image and sound.The styling of Ms Ciccone has been fantastic to watch over the years and I have enjoyed as much as any other fan seeing her evolve. And she keeps going.

Younger music fans may know Madonna through stories they hear from the past. However, you really had to live through the eighties to understand the decade. And to understand Madonna and what all the fuss was about.

The cover of True Blue was striking and I wanted to create my own tribute using subtle pencil textures with pale skin contrasted against the vivid blue background.

The Artwork

The paper used here is slightly textured. Like all of my other coloured pencil artwork, this Madonna fan art is created using only the best quality lightfast materials. 

Madonna Working Drawing

I worked on a dark surface. The idea was to gently build up  the medium to create the desired pale skin effect. It takes many hours. This cannot be achieved with inferior materials. Oil based pencils do not apply so readily to a dark surface. Wax based top of the line pencils were used here. No solvents were used. The artwork is created entirely in dry media.

As with some of my other coloured pencil artworks, it would have been easy to paint the background. I really enjoy taking time to build the background up however. It also adds a depth. This depth cannot be achieved using paint in the same manner.

The completed artwork is sealed with premium quality fixative.

Medium: Lightfast pencil

Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm

Original Artwork available soon.

Please contact to register interest.

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