Magpie illustration

Two For Joy

Magpie Illustration

This Magpie illustration began the way I start my drawings and paintings sometimes. This means no planning whatsoever. Just making a start and seeing where my imagination takes me.

Magpies are fascinating birds. They are clearly intelligent.and Although they appear somewhat aggressive, I find them appealing. Partly because of the clumsy way in which they fly. Their colouring is dramatic and  quite beautiful.

Drawn on a textured paper, this artwork developed quite organically. Like most of my work, if it has any meaning, I would prefer for the viewer of the artwork to take their own meaning from it. This illustration is not typical of my work. I may be setting off in a new direction. 

I wanted the eyes in the human face to be engaging. It is always important to me to have them connect with the viewer.

I used two different brands of top quality lightfast coloured pencils to create this original artwork. The completed piece is sealed with a protective fixative coating.

Medium: Lightfast pencil

Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm

Original Artwork  available soon. Please contact to register interest.