Male Portrait Art- Original coloured pencil drawings

Male Portrait Art

Into Your Soul

 Male portrait has featured less in my portfolio than figurative art in previous years. Portraits are something which I enjoy working on immensely. They are also very challenging. Over the years I have not created as much male portrait art as figurative pieces.

The idea behind “Into Your Soul” was to create a piece of two-dimensional artwork which would be visually arresting and really connect with the viewer.

Ultimately, it remains an inanimate object created with pencils on a sheet of paper but this is where the beauty of art comes in. This is where the ability to touch people’s’ lives begins. This ability is ready built-in with portraits. Humans easily recognise facial features. Even in inanimate objects.

The eyes in this artwork are placed very centrally and everything is very square and masculine. I intend to produce more of these portraits, both male and female. Finding people to model for artwork is fairly easy. There is the classic problem when it comes to portraits though. Unless it is a commissioned artwork, there is no interest. That is, unless the subject is noteworthy. Most of my previous portraits have been of celebrities. (There is a large fan-art gallery in the top menu).

Like all my pencil pieces, Into Your Soul was created using the finest lightfast coloured pencils on top quality 100% cotton paper.  This paper is imported to the UK from the USA. When working on a smooth surface, cotton paper I prefer 100% cotton. The finished piece is sealed with Winsor & Newton fixative which gives an additional level of UV protection to the artwork as well as fixing it.

Medium :           Lightfast Pencil on 100% cotton paper

Dimensions:     11 x 14 inches

Original artwork no longer available

Framed Portrait Joe Hendry

The Difference A Frame Makes


Framing artwork makes a huge difference. This original male portrait has been framed in a top quality wooden frame and wooden slip. It is glazed and hand painted by craftsmen. Unlike plastic frames, there are no gaps at the mitres. Perfect.

Thank you to to owner of this artwork who sent me this photograph with permission to publish it on this website.