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Marilyn Monroe Fan Art


Marilyn Monroe Fan Art peppers my portfolio. Marilyn Monroe remains one of the world’s most famous celebrities, even more than five decades after her death. For me, there is something comforting about returning to drawing Marilyn. It is easy to understand why she is still so popular.

Marilyn fascinated me before seeing any of her movies. When I saw “Some Like It Hot” the fascination intensified.

Movies such as Bus Stop and Niagra more compelling these days. She has an ability to take us back in time. When I view Niagra, I feel like I am transported back to the 50’s. However, there is also a modernity to Marilyn. She always seems current, regardless of which decade we are in.

Apart from being an incredibly beautiful woman, there is something about Marilyn Monroe which is difficult to describe that makes her almost hypnotic.I tried to capture the innocent look in her eyes. Hence the title of this Marilyn Monroe fan art.I have created Marilyn Monroe artwork several times now. An early piece, “To Kiss Marilyn” features in the book ” Marilyn In Art” in 2005.

Drawing Marilyn

This artwork is quite a gentle piece, with the background and clothing taking time to build up and being almost as important as the facial features in creating the overall feeling of this artwork. 

I used a slightly textured paper, the pencil applied in layers. Some of my drawings look like paintings. I have been told this several times. This artwork is a hybrid. There are elements which do look like paint.

As with all of my other drawings, I only use the best materials. The lightfast rating of these pencils is second to none. The artwork is finished with a superior quality fixative.

Original Artwork no longer available.

The following is a selection of my Marilyn Monroe artworks  & Articles since 2004.

Paintings Marilyn Monroe

To Kiss Marilyn

Paintings of Marilyn Monroe forming Marilyn In Art, the book by Roger G. Taylor which appeared in 2006 was the first book my artwork featured in. The book included “To Kiss Marilyn”, one of my first paintings of  Marilyn Monroe.

At the time I painted this Marilyn Monroe canvas, I was careful as I didn’t want to paint just another “cheesy” pop art painting. At that time, the internet was awash with badly painted, not just to say, hastily painted “pop art” canvases based on a certain type of computer generated imagery. Some of these really frustrated me as there was no thought to them and little originality.

When I was painting in this style, I tried my utmost to put a different slant on my work and to always try to bring something unique to the design. I still love some of these early works today. I am grateful that Roger Taylor recognised I was producing something worthy of being included in his fantastic homage to Marilyn Monroe.

To this day I continue to paint Marilyn Monroe. Simply because I find her fascinating. I believe a woman such as Marilyn embodied many men and women’s hopes and dreams. She was a true celebrity and despite the sadness in her life brought entertainment to millions of people. She was vulnerable on screen as much as off. In addition to her stunning beauty, for me, that is what makes Marilyn Monroe so watchable. Her comic timing and deadpan expressions were superb and Some Like It Hot is one of my all time favourite movies.

Painting Dimensions: 40 x 30 inches
Medium: Acrylic on deep edged cotton box canvas

Original Artwork Sold

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Marilyn Monroe Canvas Painting

Marilyn Monroe Painting

Marilyn Monroe canvas art is something I started to do purely as a treat to myself. Sometimes, when I am really pushing myself with figurative painting for example, I like to take a technique or style which i have developed and apply it to something at the other end of the spectrum.

As I have said elsewhere on this website, I know that there is an “art snob” factor when painting celebrities, however, I have always been interested in celebrity culture, mainly of previous years and I have always found Marilyn Monroe fascinating.

Not just her undoubted beauty but her whole charm. She is magnetic on screen. I finally got to see Marilyn on the “big screen” in 2010 when “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” was re-released having been digitally remastered.

Marilyn Monroe Elvis Presley art
Marilyn, Elvis & Joe Hendry – Just to show the scale of the paintings.

Marilyn Monroe Canvas Art

In this particular Marilyn Monroe canvas art, I wanted to capture a mix between the appeal of a faded photograph with vibrant colours which symbolise how alive Marilyn’s image still is today.

This is quite a large-scale canvas at 24 x 36 inches. (2 feet x 3 feet). It is a deep-edged canvas. Much of my early paintings are on deep-edged canvas. These canvases are great as they can be hung on a wall without the need to frame them.

My studio floor really got into a mess when I painted this Marilyn Monroe canvas art. It was made using big, bold, watery brush strokes. Before this, I painted using thicker, more opaque paint. This painting was done with very watery paint which was allowed to run down the canvas. Using acrylic paint, I had to work quickly. At one point the features were obliterated but I fought to get them back.

Original MArilyn Monroe Canvas Art SOLD

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art PaintingMarilyn Monroe Pop Art

“Electric Blue”

Marilyn Monroe pop art seemed to be everywhere on the internet in the mid noughties.  With this in mind, I set out to try and create something different. I clearly recall painting this marilyn Monroe “pop art” canvas at the end of 2006 and being absolutely terrified as it took some confident initial strokes on the canvas.

I am actually quite fond of this painting. It is simple and stripped back. There is just something about it like several of my earlier canvases, especially of Marilyn Monroe which made it really quite a high impact piece of artwork when viewed in the flesh.

.Marilyn’s pout was something else. When many people look at the glamour of Marilyn Monroe, they forget the sadness that was in her life. Marilyn was all about glamour and this painting is a celebration of that. This was the start of me looking closer into the actress and the person and finding out more about some of the fantastic things that this intelligent woman said. Many of the paintings featuring Marilyn which followed this artwork took her quotes as inspiration.

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art is evident all over the internet. As artists, we only have a limited amount of images to work from. I am very proud to be included in the book “Marilyn In Art” by Roger Taylor.

This book is a celebration of Marilyn as seen through a worldwide collection of artists. The art in the book is very varied and includes the Joe Hendry piece “To Kiss Marilyn. To Kiss Marilyn became a postcard and this was used to promote the book.

Eight years after tI had first painted the Electric Blue painting, I was commissioned to recreate it. It was being sent to a Marilyn Monroe fan and art lover in the USA. This photograph  shows the canvas on the easel at completion.

Pop Art Marilyn Monroe Painting

This next photograph shows yours truly standing next to the canvas whilst it is still on the easel. I’m just over 6 feet tall so this gives an idea of scale. This large scale Marilyn Monroe pop art canvas made it to the USA safely. Just like every other artwork I have sent overseas.

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art On Easel

Painting Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

Medium: Acrylic

Original Artwork Sold, 

Marilyn Monroe drawing in Pencil

Marilyn Monroe Art – “No. 5”

Marilyn Monroe art in the form of graphite and charcoal on paper.“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.” Marilyn is famously quoted as saying.

Some of the quotes attributed to Marilyn are humorous and clever. A particular favourite of mine is “the nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least i can dream”. Some of her quotations, even the shortest are very revealing.

THis Marilyn Monroe art is based on a photograph that is simply wonderful. A classic with Marilyn Monroe, Chanel and black and white. I love the modernity of the photograph. The photograph looks like it was taken yesterday. It also has a classic feel to it. I wanted this to be in my artwork too.

I wanted this artwork to retain that classic feel and used various grades of graphite pencil in addition to charcoal to do this and create the drawing. There is something very intimate in drawing as opposed to painting. I don’t know if it is to do with the scale of the tip of a pencil but as the likeness appeared in this Marilyn Monroe art there was definitely a sense of satisfaction that all of this came from a pencil tip of just a millimeter or so.

This artwork is made available for sale as a drawing on paper, unframed, however the drawing can be framed to suit should that be required.

Drawing Dimensions A3 (16.5 x 11.7 in)

Medium: Graphite & charcoal on cartridge paper.

Original Marilyn Monroe Art Sold

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Marilyn Monroe Wall Art

sThis Marilyn Monroe wall art “pop art” painting is one of the last canvases to be painted in this style. I painted it in the mid-noughties.  I was obsessed by making sure that my paintings of this style were better executed than other artists.  Many other artists painting in this style did not seem too concerned about the level of execution.  I would be meticulous in the application of the paint. My completed artwork were often mistaken for  prints.

The term “pop art” has come to refer to paintings in this style although, this is not of course all that relevant to the original meaning of the term referring to the pop art movement and subsequent paintings.

Marilyn Monroe black and white art


There is so much about Marilyn Monroe which can be the theme of a canvas. this painting was not about the vulnerability or the softness of Marilyn, which is the theme of so many of my other Marilyn Monroe wall art. This canvas is all about the ultra stylised celebrity at the height of her fame.

The public did not know Marilyn and much of her life is never discussed. We prefer to focus on the iconic image rather than the sadness of the real woman at times. Sometimes I believe that it is better that we don’t know. Perhaps it is better for the mystery to remain. Maybe that is why Marilyn has an enduring popularity. Or perhaps it is just that she was just a wonderful, beautiful human being.  Marilyn  is an icon who is elevated above the rest of us for good reason.

This canvas is a celebration of the ultimate female icon.

Painting Dimensions: 40 x 30 inches
Medium: Acrylic on deep edged cotton box canvas.

Painting hanging on wall

Marilyn Monroe Wall Art

Marilyn Monroe Artwork

Marilyn Monroe Drawing


Marilyn Monroe drawing– “Pretty” came from reading Marilyn Monroe quotes, specifically:-

“No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they’re pretty, even if they aren’t”

Marilyn was anything but a “dumb blonde”. You can see this from several of her quotes. She was funny and also quite astute. There is a truth to the quote above which in one sentence teaches parenting skills and tugs at the heart-strings.

I have also created other Marilyn artworks based on her quotes.

Framed Marilyn Monroe Art

This is my version of the famous shot of a curvaceous Marilyn in white swimsuit at the beach. More than just “pretty” but stunningly beautiful and the complete opposite of our skewed view fed by the sometimes anorexic supermodels of today.

I also loved the windswept natural look and like certain other shots of Marilyn, it has a certain vulnerability. I wanted to capture and amplify these elements in my Marilyn Monroe drawing whilst creating my own background.

Marilyn Monroe Drawing: Process

I drew this artwork in carbon and graphite on very smooth paper. These two mediums are similar. They are not similar in application however. Graphite goes on smoothly whilst carbon is rough and scratchy. They make different marks.

I was able to use this to create contrast between the figure and the background. It would have been easy to leave the background white in this instance. I wanted to use the background to add to the feel of the overall artwork.

This drawing is created in graphite and carbon on A3 size heavyweight cartridge paper. The drawing has a protective fixative coating and is delivered carefully rolled in a protective tube, ready for you to frame.

Original Marilyn Monroe Drawing Sold

Some more paintings of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Reclining


Marilyn Monroe Bombshell




Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting

The above selection show some box canvases of Marilyn Monroe and also how the drawings look framed. Deep edged box canvases were all the rage in the mid noughties. Although I look back on these fondly, today, I much prefer well framed artwork.