Moon Art

Large Scale Drawing

This Moon Art, simply called “Moon” is possibly the largest graphite artwork which I have produced. Using graphite and carbon pencils, this drawing combines the themes of female intuition and longing.

Drawn on mount board, it took quite a while to cover such a large area with just a pencil tip.

It is difficult to glance at the  moon and not think of all the people who have gone before us who looked at that very same object. It is also comforting to think that people we know and love who are in other parts of the world may be connected to us. Simply by glancing at the very same object.  Earth’s moon, which ensures our seasons and ultimately, the existence of humanity.

Medium: Carbon and Graphite on mountboard

Dimensions: 1000 x 550 cm

Original Artwork available soon. Please contact to register interest.

Previous Moon Art In The Studio

An old Blog Extract

Moon art was the order of the day in the studio. Doped to the eyeballs with Lemsip, throat sweets and ibuprofen, I was determined to battle my way in and try and ignore this everlasting flu.

It was strange going back into my studio. it lay untouched and in a bit of a mess as I left it just before I got ill. Instead of working on a piece which is screaming at me to complete it, I instead turned to another. This piece has been almost finished for about 2 months!

Moon Art
Moon Art

So the moon art was tackled and I have a warm feeling about this piece. There is so much going on with it. I had originally intended to call it the Great Bear. However, as it has changed, I think the title has to also.

So, it is nearly there but not quite. Expect to see this piece correctly photographed and completed soon. It will appear in the current art section.

Being back “at work” it was nice to chat to some people I have not caught up with in a while. WASPS Studios have so much going on but much of it is behind closed doors. On top of that several artists seem to be very private so you don’t always get to see what they are up to. An artist friend was showing me some of her work, which she creates with felt. We had a chat about life classes too. I really want to get back into that but the least busy class is in the morning and I am so not a morning person!

Today was also the hundred and first anniversary of Jackson Pollock and Saatchi’s Facebook page posted a great shot of him in the studio. This reminded me that I want to have another look at the Ed Harris film on Jackson Pollock. It has had mixed reviews but had something intriguing about it and was apparently funded in part by the actor.