Rocky Horror art

Rocky Horror Art

Tim Curry as Frank N Furter

Medium: Lightfast pencil

Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches

Tim Curry  set the standard for the rest of his career when he played Frank N Furter on stage and in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There may have been a multitude of actors who have played the part and even bring their own style to it. However, no-one will ever be like Tim Curry.

There is so much to say about the meandering life of this movie. Perhaps that it is the most successful movie musical of all time. Perhaps that it was ahead of it’s time. One thing is for sure, The Rocky Horror Picture Show will run and run. And run.

The nuances of Tim Curry’s performance are key for me. Those little asides to camera, which can be so annoying (Miranda Hart) are carried out to perfection. Engaging, charismatic and humorous. All the while in tights and platforms.

I wanted my artwork here to have a hint of realism but still look like artwork. Similar to a tattoo in some respects.

“Have ya got any Brad? What about you Janet?”

Original Artwork  no longer available