Romantic Art

Romantic Art

Push Me:Pull Me

Romantic art is possibly a strange way to describe “Push Me: Pull Me”. However, that is, in essence what the piece is about. Working titles were “Together Apart”, and “Night and Day”.

This piece is created on a paper with a tooth, which I leave to show through in some areas.

The turbulent background is very deliberate. Every relationship, like the weather has it’s seasons which change. There is no healthy relationship which is always summer, but if we are fortunate in our choice of partner, summer always returns.  Some of my artwork is illustrative. This piece straddles a line and I like that about it. Tarot card artwork has been quite an influence on me and although this piece gets close to a Tarot-type artowork, it stops short.

Part of the idea for this artwork came from a friend of my mothers. When I visited her when I was a child, I knew if she had fallen out with her husband. They had quite a feisty but long-lived relationship. On a shelf, was an ornament featuring a ceramic man and woman sitting on a park bench. They were facing each other , kissing. If they had been moved and were facing away from each other kissing thin air then I knew there had been trouble!


When using coloured pencils, I usually work dry. In creating this artwork however, I used solvent to dissolve certain areas. This helped create some of the effects. A brush was used to create this art. This means that it is technically a painting and not a drawing.

At A4 size, this art was one of the first to be created when I changed scale. Larger scale surfaces gave way to smaller, more intimate art at this point

Title: Push Me: Pull Me

Medium: Lightfast coloured pencil on paper.

Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm

Original artwork available soon

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