Scottish Kilt Art

The Last Kiltie

Scottish Kilt Artwork

Scottish tartans, their links to the history of Scotland and their evolution are quite fascinating.

The simplicity of some of the geometric designs. The complexity of others. Combined with the fascinating breadth of colours. This all add to a wealth of material for an artist to work with.

I painted my first kilted figure in 2007. Since then, this is a subject that I have returned to time and again

This pensive figure with his kilt sitting in the landscape with the moon for company, was created over a period of several months. The model for this artwork was the same model who has featured in two other kilt paintings. These were created in oil.

The best quality lightfast coloured pencils were used to create this artwork. They are guaranteed not to fade and are second to none. The paper is 100% cotton paper which I buy from the United States.

Like many of my other pieces, I will leave any meaning in this kilt art for the viewer to decide.

Medium: Lightfast pencil on 100% cotton paper

Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches

Original artwork available soon – please contact to register interest.

Framed Scottish Art

Framing artwork is crucially important. Many people are content to buy plastic frames. Personally, they are not for me. Often, price is a problem for some art-lovers. However, for just a little extra, you can have artwork framed in quality, hand finished wood.

A frame is part of the furniture. Do you furnish your home or office in cheap plastics? Some of the composite plastics are now better than a few years ago but there can still be problems with poor mitres and they tend to come apart after a few years.

Scottish Art Joe Hendry

The above picture shows my Scottish Kilt Artwork finished and framed in a top quality frame made by craftsmen. It is all hand painted and finished with a hand applied wax. They also use all acid free materials for backboards and any taping. If this is not done then the artwork can be damaged over time.