surreal landscape art

Surreal Landscape Art


Medium: Lightfast pencil

Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm

Original art in my online portfolio has taken many forms and used several different mediums over the years. I have never felt so “at home’ with a medium however, than when I am working with coloured pencil.

“Urban” is a coloured pencil original art work which although, it is quite small scale, has immersed me in in it’s creation through many hours of repetitive pencil work. Although this may not be every artist’s’ preferred way to work, I am quite a fan of repetitive brush and pencil strokes and quite like the fact that the finished appearance is not indicated until many hours have passed.

This drawing has , I think, quite a surreal atmosphere to it although, it is in essence quite a mundane scene. It is a scene from my mind and illustrates my feelings about seeing positive and beauty in the everyday.

Original artwork available soon.