Love Quotes

Original Illustration

Love Quotes

Love Quotes is a detailed coloured pencil artwork. This artwork has taken quite a long time. However, I create drawings at a much slower pace these days. I now spend months on drawings which used to take only a few days. Sometimes longer.

I am choosing not to see this as a negative thing. Slowing down has its benefits. It brings new things to the artistic process. It helps you to see things differently as an artist.

I like my illustrations to speak for themselves. I quite like the idea of people wondering what the meaning behind a drawing is. If there is indeed any meaning. However, without getting too deep, suffice to say, this artwork is about the things we tell each other. The things we say and the things we store. The things people say to us that we carry about for the rest of our lives. The meaningful words that we treasure.

Artistic Process

Love Quotes was started using the exact same facial dimensions as several other pieces I have been drawing. It is based on the average face. Starting out with these dimensions, it is interesting to see that every face ends up with a different appearance. This is despite the eyes, nose and mouth all being in exactly the same place.

There is a difference between the left and right sides of this drawing. It is not meant to represent duplicity. It is referencing changes in ourselves and how we receive the things we hear depending on our mood, our age and our experience.

This illustration, like all my pencil drawings is created using only the best materials. In this case, Caran D’Ache Luminance pencils and Faber Castel, Polychromos. The finished artwork is sprayed and sealed with the best quality fixative.

Please note that this artwork is shown at a lower resolution for speed of loading on the internet. A higher resolution image can be provided for inspection. Please just ask.

Medium: Lightfast pencil

Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm

Original Artwork  available soon. Please contact to register interest.