Drawing Debbie Harry Blondie

Drawing Debbie Harry


I blogged about this Debbie Harry artwork before posting this completed drawing. As the blog discussed, much of the thinking in my mind was concerning the whole “Debbie Harry versus Blondie” thing.

This piece is simply entitled “Blondie”. This acknowledges that no matter how talented Chris Stein and other guys in the band are, some people will still think that the name of Debbie Harry’s act is Blondie. I think that they are all long enough in the tooth to get this fact now.

Blondie On Tour

At the time of writing I see that Blondie are still touring and working on another studio album. They are in Australia next year with Cyndi Lauper, who incidentally is an incredible vocalist. If all you judge her by is “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” then you don’t know Cyndi Lauper.

I love the fact that Blondie still Tour. I love the fact that Debbie Harry speaks out against ageism. Someone told me once, knowing that I was a fan, “Debbie Harry should retire gracefully”. Why the hell should anyone?

Debbie Harry is still a beautiful looking woman. She is not a model though, she is  a singer though and her voice is still fantastic too. The looks were a bonus! I love creating celebrity portraits. Especially of the likes of Debbie. Her face is just incredible. Silent movie star lips, bone structure  close to perfection and those wonderful smiling eyes that are still smiling today.

Drawing Process

As I have discussed elsewhere, I have had some changes in my health which have had a major impact on my art. In effect, I don’t paint anymore. This artwork is created in the best quality coloured pencils. They are Caran D’Ache Luminance and they don’t fade in the light.

I have to build the tones up in layers. It is a very slow way of drawing but it is either this or nothing and the process is very therapeutic. It also keeps my fingers working! In the past, a piece of art like this would have taken a few days, a week at the most. To create this drawing took in excess of two months but I enjoy the process.

Time, like age, is just a number.

Medium: Lightfast pencil on 100% cotton paper

Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches

Original Artwork available soon.

Please contact to register interest.