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A Comment On Educating Our Children

Educating our children is of paramount importance as far as I am concerned. My own opinion is that education in so many countries is not efficient.

If we want to secure stable societies in the future, then we need to invest in the education of our children and young adults. In Scandinavian countries, there is little or no homework given and the schooling hours are less and yet they have a good educational attainment. Rote learning and boring children with old-fashioned methods of learning and ideologies is not the way to go. If you need an example of this, look at the United States. It’s as simple as the educated electorate not voting for Trump.

In Scotland, I feel frustrated that our political system is so fragmented and we have such diametrically opposed parties representing the people. Rather than finding common ground , stalls are set out to fight the opposite side. Schooling in Scotland is slipping and there is talk of new faith schools. Why do we separate our children based on their parents religion?

My own opinion is that education should be entirely secular and people should be free to teach any faith they wish to their children outside school time.

It is time to rethink things.

These are the things that were going through my head when I created this little drawing. I loved watching my daughter immerse herself in books when she was a child. I also loved reading to her. Something every parent should do. It comes with the title! I remember a book I used to read to her called “THe Midnight Fox”. She would look forward to me reading a few pages every night before bed time. I don’t think we ever got to the end but we enjoyed reading it.

I hope that some people viewing this artwork understand what I have written to explain it. I hope that some others, who perhaps disagree with me like it just for the image itself as something appealing to look at.

I have to say thank you to the father who posted a photograph of his daughter royalty-free for others to use. I have now lost his name but without his photograph, this drawing would not exist.

Medium: Lightfast pencil on paper

Dimensions: 21  x 29 cm

Original Artwork available soon.

Please contact to register interest.

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