Scottish Landscape Paintings

I love being in any countryside but there is something about parts of the Scottish Landscape that just feel utterly exhilarating whilst you are there. The air feels fresher, the colours seem more vivid and when I was back in the studio working on this canvas, I really could smell the heather.

Landscape Paintings

This landscape oil painting has ben slowly nurtured by me towards completion for over half a year. It has been a guilty pleasure in the studio to just add a little stroke or two each day in between working on othe paintings.

Original Landscape Paintings

This landscape painting was created in a series of exploratory brush strokes which were applied in a repetitive manner. This painting evokes memories of childhood where I was able to run through fields of long grass and climb the many trees which were only a few minutes walk from my home.

Landscape Oil Paintings

“Grasslands” was a landscape painting which took quite a while to paint as it developed and changed in various ways whilst I was working on it. Initially, the foreground was not made up of so many strokes. I had used brushstrokes like thi son an acrylic landscape painting before but I had not painted like this in oil.