Ballet Dancing Artwork

Ballet Dancing Artwork

Ballerina Paintings And Drawings

Over the years I have painted and drawn Ballerinas. Many artists have obviously chosen ballet dancers as a subject. It is easy to understand why. Capturing dynamic poses, elegance or sometimes movement in a static painting is a challenge. It is also fascinating.

The above image is of a work in progress. Please check the figure gallery section in the future to see the completed art.

Until then, this page shows some Joe Hendry Ballet dancing artwork over the years.

Franklin and Bash artwork

Franklin & Bash – Ballerina Painting

Franklin & Bash, in case you don’t know, is a Sony Pictures Television show, shown on the TNT channel in the States and on Channel 4 and E4 in the UK. The show has enjoyed positive critical reviews and at the time of writing, season three is being filmed.

Recently, I was contacted by someone from Sony Pictures Television. They asked if it would be possible to use one of my ballerina paintings to dress part of the set. As any artist will tell you, it’s common to get spam with all sorts of offers. I believe that I am quite good at spotting them.

Not the case. I thought this one was spam and replied, telling them so. When I received a contract to sign from a lawyer at Sony, I realised just how wrong I was.

The contract was duly completed. The shot above shows the ballet artwork hanging in new partner to the firm, Rachel’s office. Rachel will be played by Heather Locklear.

Franklin Bash Art

Joe Hendry Art on the set of Franklin & Bash

I have seen my art appear on TV before. One of my Madonna paintings featured in a Channel 4 documentary called “Heroine, Mum & Me”. It was a very absorbing documentary and it was strange to see my artwork appear on television. Franklin & Bash has repeat showings and it is lovely to think that a huge audience will see a piece of my art, even though they may not know whose it is.

The actual painting was conceived from various ballet shots and poses from a modelling website which I used to subscribe to. It was a great site, where you could email and ask for specific poses for the models to hold the next time they were doing a shoot. I think ballerinas are just incredible. Even in a static pose. I have painted a few different ballet images now. This one was more cohesive than some of the others with the background being built up in layers. It also made use of big, confident (for me) messy brush strokes being swiped across the canvas.

I hope Heather Locklear enjoys being a part of Franklin & Bash and I hope that everyone enjoys my artwork.

Franklin and Bash Paintings

Franklin and Bash Paintings

Ballet DancerPaintings

Ballet Dancer Paintings

Ballet dancer paintings are a subject I return to again and again. There is something really challenging about creating a ballet painting for me. If the figurative work is not correct then it can look really wrong. Even worse than in a standard pose. The shapes a Ballet Dancer make seem to exaggerate any flaws.

Just like in ballet dancing itself.

This painting is in acrylic and is all about the drama of the pose. This is exaggerated by the depth of the coloured background.  This painting is framed and glazed.

Painting size excluding frame, 16 x 12″

Original Painting SOLD

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Painting ballerinas

Ballerina Artwork

“Art Of Ballet”

Ballerina artwork, “Art Of Ballet” is quite an interesting painting for me. Unlike most of my other figurative paintings, it does not have a defined outline. Several other ballerina artworks which I have created have used varying brush strokes and techniques to convey movement or poise. However this ballerina painting is much looser than most (but not all) of those.

Underneath this painting, exists another ballerina which was painted in a completely different style. This used a much more water-based paint technique. Much of this painting is left to show through in the final painting.

There is also something about the composition and the way that the figure of the ballerina fills the canvas that appeals to me. I would like to emulate in future canvases.

Painting Dimensions: 36 x 24 inches
Medium: Acrylic

Ballet Dancer drawings

Ballet Art


Ballet Art, since I first cast eyes on a Degas has fascinated me. The shapes that are thrown and held are simply mesmerising. Trying to capture movement in a painting or drawing can be exciting but this ballet drawing is about the statuesque performer and the theatricality of the performance itself.

This artwork came on the back of another drawing which had a vintage feel to it and I wanted to retain some of that.

Working into tie paper on this drawing was anything but delicate. I like to use a very heavy hand in my drawing at times.

Original Drawing is A3 size graphite on heavy Cartridge paper and can be framed if required.

Original Ballet Art SOLD Click Here To Enquire About Commissions.