Edward Reid

Edward Reid Britains Got Talent

Edward Reid

Britain’s Got Talent

Edward Reid is possibly best known for his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent a couple of years ago. Edward was pipped to the post for entry into the final. This was a shame as TV exposure helps peopel on the rise quite like nothing else.

I have met Edward a few times now. In addition to having a great singing voice and being pant-wettingly funny, Edward Reid is one of life’s good guys. Edward does a huge amount of charity work and seems to always look on the bright side. He is a pleasure to be around and he was a pleasure to paint.

This portrait of Edward Reid came about after I was asked to create an artwork by a fan. Edward has many adoring fans and I can understand why. The painting meant a lot to the lady who commissioned it. I decided that it had to be in oil. Although Edward is pulling one of his “come hither” looks, I tried to capture both the humour and warmth in his personality. This was reflected by the colour palette and emphasised by the background.

I have no doubt that Edward Reid will go on to bigger and better things but I think that he probably doesn’t mind a huge deal if he doesn’t. You see, Edward is one of those people who makes the most of whatever he is doing and it may be a cliche to say it but he spreads happiness around. I hope my portrait captured a little of that too.

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Original Madonna Art

Original Madonna Art In Pencil

Original Madonna Art In Pencil

Original Madonna art is a created by me every now and again. I feel that I know Ms Ciccone’s face so well now that it is a good way for me to practice my skills. Approaching an artwork like this makes a subject I am familiar with also seem much more fresh. I also like to try and make any representation of a celebrity different from other such art if  I can. This kind of challenge is something that I enjoy.

I have written so much about Madonna over the years and it has been interesting to see the way in which I capture her via my celebrity artwork has changed. This has been intandem with my painting and drawing development over the years. Another such challenge with pieces like this is creating a familiarity or a sense of emotion and reality.  When you have never met a particular person you feel that you know them in some way by the way you portray them. It is this intimacy that I try to capture in these types of artwork.

Madonna Close Up

This was quite a challenging piece to produce. This was because of the use of negative shapes but I am pleased with the result.

This drawing is created in graphite and carbon and is on A3 size heavyweight cartridge paper.

Original Madonna Art SOLD

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This is an old video showing some of my early Madonna Artwork – mainly paintings of Madonna. I’d forgotten just how many times I had painted the Queen Of Pop.


Marilyn Monroe Art

Marilyn Monroe Art

Marilyn Monroe

“50 Cents For Your Soul”

Marilyn Monroe in graphite and carbon “50 Cents For Your Soul”, titled after Marilyns’ quote, “Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul”.

The image of Marilyn Monroe that inspired this original artwork has always appealed to me. It is so soulful. Marilyn was certainly a tormented person at times in her life.Whichever book I read or documentary I watch is through the filter of the maker. Marilyn Monroe  and her truth is now lost forever.

I wanted this drawing to be a sensitive study and for it to bring a depth to this most famous of faces.

Different photographers showed different aspects of Marilyn Monroe. This artwork is based on a photograph by Ben Ross. It is very different from the types of photographs that Eve Arnold took of Marilyn. I love many of the posed shots and many of the candid shots. Candid shots were a speciality of Eve Arnold.

Drawing Process

I drew this portrait of Marilyn in a similar style to several other drawings  created at the same time.

I find drawing detail absorbing. Even the background becomes of great importance to me. The grounding of the black top Marilyn wears is created with a very soft pencil. The drawing also needed elbow grease! The features are drawn in graphite whilst the background is in carbon.

Just doing a straight copy of the photograph was not the intention of this fan art. I wanted to bring my own character to the drawing. I hope that I achieved this by the way I applied the media.

Drawing is Graphite and Carbon on A3 size heavyweight cartridge paper.

Original Marilyn Monroe Art SOLD

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Marilyn Monroe Art

Marilyn Monroe Nude

Marilyn Monroe Nude Art

“Playboy Pose”

Marilyn Monroe nude created quite a storm in the 1950’s. Marilyn Monroe has formed a part of my portfolio since i began to paint full time in 2005. I have never however, until now drawn her. I have also never painted or drawn Marilyn Monroe nude before.

At the time of writing, I have been working on several artworks in graphite and charcoal and have been concentrating on these as opposed to painting. In addition to some figurative drawings, I have also been working on some graphite and charcoal celebrity pieces. Classic shots lend themselves to graphite because of the obvious black and white connection.

This was quite a challenging piece of Marilyn Monroe art. Marilyn was a curvaceous woman and had a beautiful body in addition to her beautiful face. I believe that in terms of true beauty and celebrity, modern day models and actresses just don’t measure up to Marilyn Monroe. I really wanted this Marilyn Monroe nude art to do her justice.

One of the things I noticed as I completed this artwork was the change in the weight of the paper as it had so much “lead” on it!

I use quite a heavy hand when using graphite. I have given up trying to draw like anyone else and have accepted that this is simply the way I do it. However, I am pleased with the contrast between the dark, light-reflecting graphite background and the milky white skin of the figure.

On closer inspection, you can see the areas of cross-hatching that have been built up.. This contrasts with the areas of solid graphite in the background mentioned above.

This original Marilyn Monroe Art is created on A3 size cartridge paper.

Original Drawing is now SOLD

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Marlon Brando Art

Marlon brando Art

Marlon Brando Art – Pencil Drawing

Marlon Brando art appeared all over the internet in the early to mid-noughties. The worldwide web seemed to become awash with photoshopped Marlon Brando art, particularly Godfather based.

Although I am a huge fan of genuine celebrity culture (classic, deserved talented people, not todays famous for being famous types), there is some “art” which I think is just jumping on the bandwagon. Even in the earlier days of my painting career, I tried to bring something different to images which were hugely familiar.

Tackling some Marlon Brando artwork now, could have been tricky. I wanted to stay away from cliche and this artwork is created in graphite and chrcoal.I have been experinenting with methods of applying marks to the paper and much of this drawing is made up from cross-hatched strokes. Working in this way has been at times relaxing and at other times quite relaxing and therapeutic. Creating artwork in this way is very different from painting and at the moment, I am completely absorbed in creating new pencil and charcoal drawings, regardless of the subject matter.

Brando was a fascinating character. I have always found him so ( I even had a Westie dog called Brando!). I love this image of Brando. It’s easy to remember the unhappy hugely overweight man in his later years and for get his energy and uniqueness when he was young. This Marlon Brando Art is a homage to his youth.

Graphite & Charcoal on A3 size Cartridge paper.

Original Drawing Sold

Marlene Dietrich Paintings

Marlene Dietrich paintings


Marlene Dietrich was, I think, a woman before her time.

Her styling and the way her striking features were lit by the film Studios was incredible. I first became aware of Marlene Dietrich when, in my 20’s I was given a book of photography by Hollywood photographer John Kobal.

In this painting I wanted to use colour, but evoke the emotion of a black and white film by using sepia tones contrasted by stong contrasts and angular shapes.

It is fascinating that this film legend is rarely seen on television any more and yet she still has a huge following worldwide, as is evident on the internet.

Dietrich is painted on a 20 x 20 inch deep edge box canvas and framed in a top quality hand finished black hardwood frame with gold slip.

Medium: Oil on cotton canvas

Dimensions: 20 x 20 inches

Original Framed Art SOLD

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Miniature Beatles Art

John Lennon Paintings

John Lennon Painting

This is a miniature John Lennon painting which other than it’s size, is created in exactly the same way as larger scale Joe Hendry Original paintings. Quality acrylic paint on deep edged cotton canvas.

Small scale painting of John Lennon
Miniature painting- John Lennon

Painting Dimensions: 20  x 20 cm (8 x 8 inches)
Medium: Acrylic on deep edged cotton canvas

Signed John Lennon Art SOLD

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