Fan Art

Celebrity Paintings & Drawings

Fan art has formed a substantial part of my portfolio since I first began to paint and draw.  This online artwork gallery is a celebration mainly of celebrities whom I admire or have given me pleasure over the years. As you will note, there are several celebrities who crop up again and again. I love to create paintings of Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Harry.

My approach to painting celebrities has evolved over the years. Whereas I initially painted fan art on largs scale canvas, I prefer smaller pieces these days. These smaller celebrity drawings are created in the best pencils. They are lightfast and won’t fade.  They are much more detailed than my older artworks.

I hope that you enjoy viewing these paintings and drawings as much as I did creating them.

David Bowie
Drawing Debbie Harry Blondie
Justify My Love Madonna
Kate Bush And Dream Of Sheep Artwork
Madonna Art
Kate Bush Art
Elvis Presley Art
David Bowie Art
Gary Numan Art
Marilyn Monroe Art
Rocky Horror art