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Figure s and portraits in paintings and drawings are included in this section of the online gallery pages. In the archive section of this website, these were split into Male Art and Female Art, For ease of browsing however, they have now been combined.

When I look back at my paintings and figure drawings over the years, I can see the technical development. Possibly due to the discipline of figure studies and life drawing classes.

Previously, I probably approached Male artwork and female artwork in a different manner. Much in the way some photographers do. More recently however, I am inclined to draw or paint portraits and figures in a similar manner whether they feature male or female subjects.

Educating Our Children
Vintage Nurse Painting
Female Artwork
Male Portrait Art- Original coloured pencil drawings
Scottish Kilt Art
Male Nude
Male Portrait
Male Portrait
Romantic Art
Russian Princess Art
Redhead Art
female portrait redhead
Mermaid art Joe Hendry
Female Original Art