Small Blue Thing

Female Kilt Art

Female Kilt Art

Small Blue Thing is the final painting in my kilt art series “Another Country”.

It has been really interesting hearing feedback on what people have deduced from these oil paintings and I am happy for people to do that.
The title of this artwork was inspired by a song by Suzanne Vega, as it matched some of what is happening in the painting

Today I am
A small blue thing
Like a marble
Or an eye

With my knees against my mouth

I am perfectly round
I am watching you

This painting measures approx 75 x 75 cm without the frame. The artwork is currently framed in a hand painted wooden frame with gold effect trim.

Original Oil Painting Sold

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Andy Murray Kilt Art Print

Andy Murry Kilt Art Print

Andy Murray Kilt Art Print

New Balls Please

Andy Murray is a very serious sportsman. In 2009, whilst I was working on some very serious figurative paintings, I needed a moment of light relief and painted a canvas featuring my take on “Andy Murray” in the pose of the 70′s Tennis Girl Poster. It was just a bit of fun but the feedback was incredible.

As you can read in my blog and in the articles section of this website, the painting featured in the national press and was mentioned on Jo Wiley’s Radio 1 show, crashing my server. The original painting sold almost immediately and I had several disappointed art buyers who missed out afterwards.

The nicest thing for me, was that I was contacted by Martin Elliot, the photographer of Tennis Girl. We did a swap. Martin has my Andy Murray Kilt Art Print. I am the proud owner of a signed copy of Tennis Girl. This was all the more poignant as Martin sadly died in April 2010.

Andy Murray Kilt Art Print
Andy Murray Kilt Painting

You can read more about this Andy Murray art here.

I removed New Balls Pleas from sale, but it is now available again.

Highly Collectible Art Prints Available in Limited Edition Release of Only 50

Hand signed and numbered art print by Joe Hendry.

Printed onto 300gsm Archival Fine Art paper.Giclee printed using HP VIVERA inks which are pigment based waterproof archival and last up to 200years.
In an off white hand-cut mount with backing.

Rectangular image size is 12 x 8 inches. Overall size of mount is approx 49cm x 37.5 cm (19 x 15 inches)

Please note that the art prints do not have a watermark, this is simply for display on the web.

* Mount is acid free archival quality
* Complete with signed and numbered Certificate Of Authenticity
* Fine Art paper is archival quality 300gsm
* Paper is lignin and acid free
* Giclee printed using HP VIVERA inks which are pigment based waterproof archival and last up to 200years.
* Hand signed and numbered by the artist
* Delivered flat
* Comes in protective archival quality protective cellophane.
* Although usually much sooner, please allow up to 21 days for delivery.
* Postage & Packaging £4.95


From The Blog

Tennis Girl Martin Elliot

Andy Murray- Kilt Art- Tennis Girl Pose

In 2009, I was working towards a solo exhibition at Glasgow’s ArtDeCaf (Braewell Galleries). This was quite an important art exhibition for me. I was showcasing new figurative paintings which I had really put my heart and soul into for eight months. Figurative paintings are the most taxing canvases for me to work on. As the deadline approached I decided that it was time to lighten things up a bit.

I did this by painting “Andy Murray” in a kilt in the famous 70’s poster “Tennis Girl” pose by photographer Martin Elliot.

The painting sold before the exhibition opened. The artwork was featured in the Uk National press. Then the paintings was also mentioned on Radio 1’s Joe Whiley. Jo mentioned my painting just before 12pm one day and my website crashed following the surge of hits. Talk Sport Radio interviewed me live. Such is the interest in Andy Murray.

All great fun and it’s lovely to have given so many people something to smile at.

The article above was the one in the Scottish Daily Record although the painting did feature in several other Uk newspapers.

Andy Murray Kilt Painting

Andy Murray Kilt Painting

Artist’s Cheeky Portrait Of Tennis Ace Andy

It’s another cracking Stroke from Tennis ace Andy Murray.

The Scot has been immortalised on canvas in a pose paying tribute to a famous saucy poster.

The cheeky painting depicts Murray recreating the famous 1970s photo by Martin Elliot, of a woman tennis player scratching her bum.

The artwork, entitled “New Balls Please was created by Glasgow artist Joe Hendry who is famous for his images of men in kilts.

It will go on display at ArtDeCaf in Brunswick Street on June 7, the day of the French Open with a 1500 pound price tag.

Hendry, 43 said: “Having painted other Scots such as Billy Connolly, Jack Vettriano and Robbie Coltrane, I thought it would offer light relief from more serious subject matter if I took Andy Murray and depicted him in the famous 70’s tennis pose.

“In these times of recession and negativity, it is important to remain positive and retain a sense of humour.

“Andy is a great player but also has retained his sense of humour. I hope he sees the funny side with this artwork.”

Hendry’s work has appeared in many collections and art books.

Murray, 22 from Dunblane, is due to play Argentinian Juan Ignacio Chela in the first round of the French Open.

Martin Elliot: Tennis Girl Photographer

After this, I was contacted by Martin Elliot. Martin is the photographer of the famous Tennis Girl poster.. I thought I was in trouble for using his photo for inspiration. I could not have been more wrong.

Martin was a lovely guy. He asked for a copy of my painting and I sent him a signed print. He returned the favour by sending me a signed print of Tennis Girl.

Sadly, Martin died in March 2010. I will always treasure my print.

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Kilt Paintings

Scottish Kilt Art

Man In A Kilt Art

“Scot’s Pine”

Kilt paintings were something which, around the time of beginning to paint “Scot’s Pine” were becoming something of a double-edged sword. Man In A Kilt Art was beginning to take over!

I had noticed when I first started to paint, that people really like to pigeonhole the artist’s work. This changed for me over time. At first as being known for producing paintings of legs. Then celebrity art, after my artwork appeared in two books.  In 2007, Man In A Kilt Art. I loved painting the kilties. I’ve learned much about figure drawing and painting whilst producing them. It seemed that after that point, it was all that was expected from me. After a few years I stopped kilt paintings for a while. This however was not what I wanted to do either. So I returned to the subject but for me, in a more serious fashion. I love the humour of “The Answer Is” and “Wee Jock” etc. However, I realised that there would be more to kilt paintings if I investigated further.


This painting, created in 2009 is to date, the largest figurative painting which I have ever worked on at 6 feet x 3 feet.  There were challenges in working at that scale to keep the figures in proportion but as the canvas progressed I really became absorbed in it. I was mindful of both of the models and what they were going through in their lives and this canvas became all about close relationships and being together, even when we are apart, hence the title “Scot’s Pine”.

The moon/sun elements are to do with the distance between people who can gaze upwards and look at the same objects in the sky even though they are miles apart. There is also a nod to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in the painting of the sky.

Original Painting Sold

This artwork is available as a Limited Edition Print

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Man & Dog Paintings

Westie & Kiltie Art

“Wee Jock” Kilt Art

As the Kiltie paintings developed, I liked the idea of retaining the humour within them. Having been an owner of a West Highland White Terrier, it was only  a matter of time before I included a Westie in one of the paintings.

Westie’s are one of these dogs which “own their master”, however, they are so clever that they let you think that you are the boss for a while!

This painting was displayed at the Radisson Hotel on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile as part of a series of Kilt paintings which were created especially for them in the summer of 2009.

Painting Dimensions: 36 x 24 inches
Medium: Acrylic on deep sedget cotton box canvas

Original canvas now sold, please enquire about Kilt art commissions.

View More Kiltie Paintings

Highly Collectible Limited Edition Prints of Only 50 Available in the Print Shop

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