Blue Green Landscape

Green & Blue Landscape

Blue Green Landscape Oil Painting

Blue Green Landscape is an oil painting on canvas board which has been built up in several layers and which makesd use of various oil paint mediums.  Tree paintings have formed part of my landscape painting portfolio for some time. This painting, which is part of a new series, has taken the idea of playing with colour a stage further.

As my painting has moved in all directions over the past few years I have grown to love creating landscpaes which are more and more rich in terms of atmoshere. Some landscpaes I have looked at by other artists are accomplished representations of a landscape whilst others, such as Joan Eardleys, are rich in emotion. This is what inspires me and I am currently investigating lessening the realism in some ways (the colours) but not in others (the structure of the tree). Also the Blue Green Landscape of the tilte refers back to the simplicity of some landscapes and the way I viewd landscape painting when younger.



Landscape Paintings

landscape oil paintings

The Tree That Deserved Climbing

Landscape Oil Paintings

I approach Landscape oil paintings in different ways. This original oil has been slowly nurtured towards completion for over half a year. It has been a guilty pleasure.In the studio to just adding  a little stroke or two each day in between working on other paintings.

This is a “from memory” landscape painting. If you have read elsewhere on this website, you will know that much of my childhood was spent playing in fields. These fields had grass higher than I was. I also loved climbing trees. I remember some fields a bit further from home. It always puzzled me why there would suddenly be a tree in the middle of nowhere. Trees like this always seemed extra special and definitely deserved to be climbed!

As the day would progress and the light would change, fields of grass would take on completely different colours. Then of course, there was the sky, which always seems so special in childhood years.


Painting Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm excluding frame
Medium: oil on deep edged box canvas

Original Oil Painting SOLD

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Original Landscape Paintings

Original Landscape Paintings

Original Landscape Paintings – Fields And Woods

Original landscape paintings which I work on usually have a reference point, either a sketch or a source photograph which I have taken. This painting differs in that it is based purely on a memory and is also much more graphic in style compared to any other landscape paintings which I have produced.

Painted in 2009 during an experimental phase , the contrasting elements of the trees and sky versus the repetitive brush strokes of the grass came together with a favourite colour palette to create an original artwork which is not obviously a Joe Hendry painting.

The image comes from childhood memories. Alsthough I grew up in a New Town, I lived on th edge and was surrounded by fields and woodland.  I can vividly recall running through grass which was nearly taller then me and seeing the line of trees ahead. A great place to play and nearly every kid I knew was a tree-climbing expert. I believe that all artwork should be like music and evoke emotion. It’s easy for this to happen with a figurative painting or with portraiture, less so with landscapes. I have an interest in creating emotive original landscape paintings and hope to develop this with every pasing year that i paint.

Medium : Acrylic

Dimensions : 3 x 3 feet

Original Painting Sold

Limited Edition Prints Available

Neist Point – Isle Of Skye

Neist Point Skye Art

Scottish Landscape Art

Neist Point on the beautiful Scottish island of Skye is a place I have only visited once. It will stay with me forever but I do hope that I see it again. Neist Point Lighthouse just looks as if it has been there for ever and although man-made seems so much to be a part of the view. It is an utterly breathtaking place and I cannot possibly describe it in words.  I therefore tried to with paint. I am pleased with this landscape painting in which I tried to capture the drama of this incredible place.  I made extensive use of the palette knife.

If you do visit the Isle Of Skye, please don’t miss Neist Point out, sas many people seem to. There are views of the islands of Egg, Muck and Rum and huge rocks onto which the sea crashes. I went fishing there for a couple of hours before sunset and knew when I was there that I had to paint. This was about seven years before I began to paint full time. I returned the day after the fishing to sketch and then produced a watercolour painting. This large scale acrylic of Neist Point is based on that.

Original Painting Sold

Highly Collectible Art Prints Available in Limited Edition Release of Only 50

Print of Neist Point Lighthose Skye
Neist Point Limited Edition Prints

Hand signed and numbered art print by Joe Hendry.

Printed onto 300gsm Archival Fine Art paper.Giclee printed using HP VIVERA inks which are pigment based waterproof archival and last up to 200years.
In an off white hand-cut mount with backing.

Rectangularimage size is 12 x 8 inches. Overall size of mount is approx 49cm x 37.5 cm (19 x 15 inches)
Square image size is 9″ x 9 ” image. Overall size of mount is approx 19 x 19 inches.

Please note that the art prints do not have a watermark, this is simply for display on the web.

*Mount is acid free archival quality
*Complete with signed and numbered Certificate Of Authenticity
* Fine Art paper is archival quality 300gsm
*Paper is lignin and acid free
* Giclee printed using HP VIVERA inks which are pigment based waterproof archival and last up to 200years.
* Hand signed and numbered by the artist
* Delivered flat

* Comes in protective archival quality protective cellophane.
* Although usually much sooner, please allow up to 21 days for delivery.
* Postage & Packaging £4.95


£ 45.00 plus Postage & Packaging £4.95



Original Landscape Paintings

Original Landscape Paintings Scotland

Badachro Bay Landscape Art

Original Landscape Paintings

Another Badachro painting in my latest series of original landscape paintings. I feel when painting these landscapes that I really need to try and convey the feeling of a place and not simply have a pictorial representation. When I first began to paint landscapes, it was all about the look of a scene. Now, for me, it is definitely more about the feeling and the atmosphere.

Trying to convey an atmosphere in a landscape is all about the light. When the natural light is unusual when you are in the City, it’s not all that noticeable. However, when you are in a less built up environment then all your senses are really stimulated. This is something which I seem to get more sensitive to as I get older. Hopefully this is conveyed through the painting.

This original oil landscape started life as an acrylic painting. however, I realised whilst working on some other, figurative oil paintings, that oils would be well suited to what I was trying to achieve in this artwork.

Dimensions: 40x 40cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Original Artwork SOLD.

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