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Madonna Art has been part of this website since 2004. These paintings are always fascinating for me to work on. They have been since I first created quite a graphic “Bad Girl” design back in 2003. If you ignore some of the tabloid headlines and concentrate on the music, Madonna has produced a body of outstanding work over the years.

I find her a fascinating subject to paint and she definitely deserves the title of modern day icon. Madonna art has changed along with my developing styles over the years through graphic to loose acrylic painting to realistic oil painting.

A Discussion Of Madonna In Art

Madonna Painting

When I first started painting for a living, there was definitely more “designer” in me than there was painter. I don’t say this as a negative, it’s just where my art was at the time.
I am still very pleased with this design today. It was designed to be hi-impact art and for Madonna fans, the image is instantly recogniseable.

At the time, this “pop art” style as it became known (although this is not what the term pop art originally referred to) was starting to appear everywhere. Artists all over the world were running images through photoshop and copying them – complete with burnout errors sometimes. I tried to make my pop art paintings a class above in their design and execution. These took time to create because of the way in which the paint was applied and they would stand up quality wise to any other such piece on the market.

Madonna In New York

Madonna Pop Art Canvas

I placed this piece for sale on the internet and the next day it was sold and off to New York City. Joe Hendry had become and international selling artist overnight!
This Madonna artwork has appeared in various places including on the Channel Four Documentary, “Heroin, Mum and Me” during the cafe scene. It amazed me how many art customers spotted this and contacted me.

If I were to analyse the artwork, I would say that although it is a simple design and definitely created with the interior design market in mind (this is rarely a consideration for me when painting today) the stripe was to create a division to signify how I see a duality in Madonna’s personality. The performer is nowhere near the person that you see being interviewed on “Parkinson” for example. This is probably a healthy thing and I would guess the distancing preserves sanity in a celebrity lifestyle.


Madonna Pop Art Painting

I continued to produce further Madonna paintings in this style and called this artwork “Cherish”. It was a lot more detailed and despite the fact that the highlighted area was the red  lips, the thing for me on this piece was the shape of the eyes and the gap in the teeth which made it distinctly Madonna.
One of the comments which I frequently received was the impact of these paintings which you really don’t get from viewing online.
I have photographed myself in front of canvasses several times just to try and give a sense of scale as it can be difficult to judge.


Madonna painting on canvas

This painting of Madonna was definitely all about the eyes.
I love the Erotica album and the video for the title track and although the imagery used is mainly black and white, I wanted to introduce some colour and yet still pay homage to the feel of the period which it tries to capture.
As a piece of contemporary art I think that although it is still very graphic in style it gets away from that mid 2000’s mass produced “pop art” feel.
I believe this was another step forward for me, if only a small one and this original painting now hangs in an art collectors home in Sweden.

Joe Hendry Madonna Artwork on YouTube


Madoona Original Art Oil Painting

Around this time,I was starting to tire of painting in the style that I had been. Mainly because I had signed a contract with an art publishing company who were paying me a pittance to trot out certain paintings and it stole all the joy from what should have been a very rewarding way to earn a living.

Feeling a tad jaded at all of this, I decided to try my hand at an iconic painting in oil. I had dabbled in oil painting before but nothing more than that.
This piece was certainly high impact art, selling almost immediately and generating a considerable amount of interest in my artwork.
There is a ghost – like and porcelain feel to this painting. It has the drama of the painting of the eye and the brightly coloured lips.
Again, I believe that this was a progression in the way in which I was starting to experiment with paint and I painted “Rain”, in a similar vein.

New Madonna

Things were definitely starting to change and in 2007. I found a new energy which just seemed to explode onto the canvas.
My health was starting to really improve and I believe that this is reflected in my artwork.

Madonna Oil Painting

Madonna Art – The New Erotica

Madonna art is something I always approach with an air of excitement. Iconic artwork always gives me a buzz but I would get very bored as an artist if I did not try to bring something new to the canvas each time I approached a familiar subject.

Having painted Madonna many times before, it becomes inevitable that the same source material needs to be used. I love the shot of Madonna which this painting is influenced by but I wanted to bring it right up to date in terms of where my technique and painting process is currently at.

The earlier painting of this pose was one which I was particularly fond of. It had a really clean look to it and was one of the last “pop art” style canvases which I painted.

Kate Bush Too

This new painting of Madonna from the Erotica period is in oil and, similar to the recent Kate Bush painting, I am refining it every time I return to the painting. Also, I love the way that the orange background is working, although there is every chance that this will be completely removed by the time that the painting is completed. Other artists and some visitors to the studio have mentioned that this Madonna artwork has something of Tamara De Lempika about it. As admirer of De Lempika’s work that is very flattering to hear.

The painting measures approximately 19 x 23 inches  (excluding frame)and is oil on board.
Original Painting SOLD

Madonna Artwork

Previously, I was meticulous about linework and was really painting in some ways like a machine. That was all to change. I threw caution to the wind and approached the canvas with a new sense of bravery. No fear of the blank canvas!
The painting to the right was one of the first such pieces and I am very proud to say that this original artwork was purchased by Mem mehmet, author of the fantastic book, Madonna In Art.

My Madonna Art Gallery : WHY PAINT MADONNA CICCONE ?

Original Madonna Art In Pencil

Firstly, I produce Madonna artwork because I am a fan.
I would find it very difficult to paint someone whom I did not have positive feelings for. Madonna gets criticised for all sorts of things. However, that’s what happens when you have the most famous face on the planet. For me, I love the music. Not so much the early work. However, I think that Ray Of Light is one of the best albums ever produced.

As a face to paint, Madonna has interesting features. Whilst she is not strikingly beautiful, she is still a good looking woman. In some of my paintings, I have tried to take away the hard edge that I see in Madonna. My own personal favourite Madonna painting is the painting titled “Cherish”. This has a sense of vulnerability and I can remember painting it like I just didn’t have a care.

Madonna “Cherish II”

Madonna Paintings For Sale

Madonna is a celebrity subject whom I return to time and again. I believe that this is possibly the “bravest” of all the madonna paintings which I have undertaken.

It has a boldness of brush stroke and an utter confidence which,if I am honest, is not shared by every Madonna painting, or indeed any other painting I have created. There is just something liberating about the manner in which the paint is applied which is very different.

At the time of producing this original Madonna Art, I was definitely in an experimental mode and this is still one of my favourite Madonna paintings. It is called “Cherish”, as, although not from that song period, it is how I feel about the painting and see it somewhat a s a watershed and marking a change in direction.

Original Painting Sold.

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Madonna Paintings –  Cosmopolitan

Madonna Vogue Art

Madonna paintings led the way as I was starting to really loosen up and paint more freely. I recall that I had no “likeness” when I began to paint this Madonna art and almost painted over the top. It all came together after leaving the artwork for a few days and returning to the painting with “new eyes”.

I was pleased with this painting not just because it did become unmistakably Madonna but because of the painting technique and brush stroke. I began to believe that I was really moving into the realm of a painter and leaving behind that of “designer”.

It is interesting to me to look back at this piece of artwork. I don’t always appreciate work which I created in the earlier years but this painting shows change and I appreciate where I was technically at the time when I produced it.

This painting was bought by an art collector and now hangs in Sicily.


Dimensions70 x 90 cm

Original Artwork Sold

Original Madonna Art In Pencil

Original Madonna Art In Pencil

Madonna art is a created by me every now and again. I feel that I know Ms Ciccone’s face so well now that it is a good way for me to practice my skills. Approaching an artwork like this makes a subject I am familiar with also seem much more fresh. I also like to try and make any representation of a celebrity different from other such art if  I can. This kind of challenge is something that I enjoy.

I have written so much about Madonna over the years and it has been interesting to see the way in which I capture her via my celebrity artwork has changed. This has been intandem with my painting and drawing development over the years. Another such challenge with pieces like this is creating a familiarity or a sense of emotion and reality.  When you have never met a particular person you feel that you know them in some way by the way you portray them. It is this intimacy that I try to capture in these types of artwork.

Madonna Close Up

This was quite a challenging piece to produce. This was because of the use of negative shapes but I am pleased with the result.

This drawing is created in graphite and carbon and is on A3 size heavyweight cartridge paper.

Original Madonna Art SOLD

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This is an old video showing some of my early Madonna Artwork – mainly paintings of Madonna. I’d forgotten just how many times I had painted the Queen Of Pop.

True Blue Madonna

Madonna Art
Fan Art

I hope that you have enjoyed your journey through my Madonna artwork as much as I enjoyed creating them.

To finish off, this is my latest Madonna Artwork, True Blue which speaks for itself.

This video shows some of my Fan Art over the years (including Madonna)

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Madonna Art

True Blue Madonna art has peppered my artistic life. She is a fascinating subject for me to return to again and again. Her album True Blue is three decades old now. This is quite difficult to comprehend.The height of the 80’s is symbolised by Madonna in both image and sound.The styling of Ms Ciccone …

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