Male Study

Male Study

Male study using coloured pencil.

This original male artwork was the first male piece that i had created in some time. I had been working mainly on figuative female paintings and drawings for quite some time.

This medium seemed quite suited to me for working up the muscles and tone of this male back.

I also learned a great deal about the medium of coloured pencil, which is relatively new to me , when creating the background.

Original Artwork Sold

Male Artwork

Male Artwork

Male Artwork

To Have & To Hold

Male artwork in large scale has most usually been in paint mediums- oils or acrylic but more recently I have been working in graphite and charcoal and in a larger scale.

This piece, To Have & To Hold is A1 size and was created in a traditional manner but then the paper is “worried” away at over a period of time to give the desired effect. I have been developing this method of drawing over the past year, at first in a much smaller scale. I find that it is an interesting way to bring emotion into the artwork.

Male artwork which I have produced before has probably been more decorative for want of a better term and I am finding this new way of working on paper or board really exciting.

This is part of a series of female and male artwork which feature the moon or spheres. I want to leave it up to the viewer to gain their own meaning from the art but many of them are quite melancholy but with a positive nod towards the future. They are about longing, separation and togetherness.

These pieces have proved to be quite high impact due to the scale and I am hoping to develop some of the ideas further.

This male artwork is drawn in graphite, charcoal and carbon on soft white cartridge paper.

Dimensions: 33 x 23 inches

Original Artwork SOLD

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Charcoal Artwork

Charcoal Artwork Drawiing

Charcoal Artwork

“All Good Things”

Charcoal artwork has become more commonplace at my studio. I have been exploring the properties of graphite, charcoal and carbon over the past year.

At first I was not a huge fan of charcoal. I prefered carbon. However, as I have got more used to playing around I have become more drawn to the rich velvet blackness of charcoal.

The way my brain works, I like to know the “whys” of things. Apparently, graphite is reflective because the molecules are oval and flattened. Charcoal and carbon molecules are an entirely different shape, reflecting less light.

This charcoal artwork, like several of my pieces is quite melancholy. Entitled “All Good Things” , I have been finding that people finish this phrase with either “Come to he who waits” or “Come to an end”. It was the initial phrase which I had thought of.  I love the fact that there can be more meanings. I hope that viewers of the art will wonder what it is about. Who is he waiting on, or is he saying goodbye? I  also hope it is an engaging, emotional piece.

This charcoal artwork will form part of a series of new pieces that I am working on. Some of which will be in graphite and several will be large scale like this one.

Original Drawing- Charcoal on A1 size Cartridge Paper.

Original Artwork Sold

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