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Glasgow Artists – Glasgow Boys & Girls

Glasgow artists come in a great variety. From the well known, working from large scale studios .This includes such as Peter Howson and Ken Currie.  To the many who are unknown, just emerging or working from their kitchen. To every degree in between.

Glasgow artists have long had a reputation for producing quality artwork. Possibly at it’s peak at the turn of the 19th Century with the original Glasgow Boys. There was a second wave of Glasgow artists known as the New Glasgow Boys. This was around 1980.

Glasgow is famed for a spectrum of reasons. From its’ “No Mean City” persona to it’s “City Of Culture” year. It has much to offer the art collector. From it’s small privately run galleries to the magnificent Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. This is at the door to the City’s West End.

WASPS Artists’ Studios

There are various artist’s studios throughout Glasgow. The largest of these is the WASPS organisation. WASPS Artists studios house hundreds of artists throughout the city. These studios are in various different buildings including the new flagship. The Briggait. It’s largest collection of Glasgow artists is at Hanson Street, near Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Known as The WASPS Factory, this former Tobacco Factory is home to ceramic artists, potters, painters, photographers, textile designers and glass artists.  The studios open on certain days throughout the year to the public for exhibitions and events. However, many artists also welcome visitors into their studio for private views.

This is a fantastic way to see artwork in progress. Also to speak to artists about their work. Contacting an artist is easy. Many have their own websites with contact information. You can email or telephone them directly.

Amongst the stable of WASPS Glasgow artists is Joe Hendry. Joe welcomes visitors to his studio by appointment . Please see the contact section in the directory of this website.

nude girl reclining

Scottish Landscape artist Joe Hendry

Glasgow Artist Joe Hendry

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Glasgow Artist Frank To

Artists In Glasgow In Various Styles

Artists can be funny people – believe me, I’ve met some real odd ones in my time! And I’ve met some odd artists in Glasgow. We are meant to be an odd lot though are we not? On the whole though, I have found most other artist’s to be supportive and over the past few years I have got to know some really decentGlasgow artists, some of whom have really helped me in my painting career.

Now and again i like to buy the work of another artist. At the moment hanging in my home I have a Daniel Campbell original watercolour which I love. It was painted around 1996. Another Glasgow artist: there is also a Gillian Orr painting hanging on the wall. Gill is larger than life and some of her paintings are simply wild. I love them and as I paint, there is a very dramatic lady angel, a figment of Gillian Orr’s brain looking over me. There are a couple of Jonathan Meuli’s hanging in the hall. Jonathan is a gem of a guy and a great painter. There is something so spontaneous about his art and he can even make a high rise block of flats look good enough to hang on your wall.

There is also a wonderful Maureen Rocks-Moore  “wee dug” on the wall. Moe is a sensitive soul whose paintings vary from landscape to figurative with a nod to art deco on the way.

Gift Art

It’s even better owning an original when it’s swapped or gifted and I was over the moon when Frank To gave me one of his new original artworks tonight. I got a sneak preview of Frank’s new work for his upcoming show in April in Edinburgh last week. Fascinating stuff and I said to Frank how much I liked some of the new art he was working on. I really didn’t expect him to gift me an original to add to my own personal Glasgow artists gallery though. So, thank you Frank – I will be heading to the framers soon.

Frank To’s Plague Doctor exhibition, “The Human Condition” runs until the end of April at the Leith Gallery in Edinburgh.

Artists In Glasgow & The Southside Festival

Glasgow artists in jovial mood: what’s this? The shot above was taken as I delivered some artwork to the “It’s All Around You” art exhibition which is part of the Southside Festival in Glasgow this year.

Southside Festival Glasgow

As part of the Parade Artists group, we are taking part in this event. It is a pop-up art event and is being held in two disused shop units. I was a bit apprehensive when I heard where the venue was but I have to be honest and say what a great job the organisers have done. They have spruced the units up and they look great. It should be a really interesting art exhibition with a host of Glasgow artists including Peter Howson, fresh from his successful auction at McTears which raised nearly three hundred thousand pounds recently.

Glasgow Artist

Artists In Glasgow. Pictured above is yours truly, Moira Buchanan (painter and felting) and Malcolm Dobson (ceramics).

The Road To Change

After the delivery, I spent a couple of hours with a different kind of Glasgow artists, actors Matthew McVarish and Tom Urie. They are great guys – full of ideas and so interesting. Tom plays a character in the TV show River City and has also worked on Holby and other TV programmes. He is also a fantastic singer/songwriter.

Matthew, also sings and he and Tom had an album called “Road To Balmaha” which featured one of my landscapes on the cover.

It had been a fun day away from the studio but it was quite humbling when I discovered more details of Matthew’s next project, The Road To Change. Matthew is walking 11000 miles around Europe to raise awareness of child sexual abuse. He has arranged all sorts of meetings along the way.

Matt has really educated himself on aspects of child abuse. Last year a play he wrote on the subject, “To Kill A Kelpie” was made into a film. Some of the things he told me made for uncomfortable listening but this is what he is all about: awareness. Hopefully with awareness will come the change that he is trying to encourage.

Find out all about The Road To Change Charity.

Merchant City Festival – Glasgows Best

Merchant Cty Festival

Merchant City Festival in Glasgow is, in my opinion one of the best events which takes place annually in Glasgow.  My favourite section of the City centre comes alive and suddenly feels a bit like Amsterdam or Barcelona.

This year was simply fantastic. All sorts of live music, street entertainers and stalls selling quality food and crafts. I was there with Parade Artists on  Saturday, we had taken over three “gazebos” at the edge of the city and it was fantastic to meet so many people. I only had prints on display as it didn’t seem like an appropriate venue for originals.

Virginia Gallery

Elsewhere in the City, thanks to the Virginia Gallery and the “Who’s For The Game” exhibition, two of my paintings were included in an art treasure hunt and made into posters which were displayed in various windows. It was nice to see my artwork getting a public airing in this way after missing out on a similar opportunity a couple of years ago.

Merchant City Festival Street Performers

Other Artists In Glasgow

Some of the other Merchant City Festival street events were really impressive. A “building” made from cardboard boxes appeared with the help of the public and some parcel tape and a group of surreal ‘nuns on wheel” seemed to be terrorising some of the visiting children.

So after a great weekend seeing all sorts of creativity, it’s back to the studio tomorrow all fired up and ready to go.

Glasgow portraits

Glasgow Artist Zodiac art

Glasgow Illustrator Joe Hendry

This page shows a small selection of artwork by Glasgow painter and illustrator Joe Hendry. It also includes selected posts from the archived Art Blog. Please use the navigation bar at the top to view more artwork

Young Gallery

Impact Arts Joe Hendry Artist

Young Gallery – Young Artists

Young Gallery is the name of a new Impact Arts project in the East end of Glasgow. Impact Arts secure funding for various projects in Glasgow which benefit local communities.

I was approached by them recently as an artist local to the new project and asked to open the first exhibition. I was very flattered by this: I have been involved in various charity projects in previous years but never to date something like this.


Young Gallery
Young gallery

The idea behind The Young Gallery is to exhibit artwork from children aged from as little as three years old up to young adults at 18. It is a fantastic idea and this is the first gallery of this kind in Scotland. Funds raised by the project are fed back into Impact Arts and a percentage also goes towards the schools who are exhibiting.

On entering the new gallery space today I was immediately impressed. I don’t think that I necessarily had preconceived ideas but I have seen many galleries in my time. What I didn’t expect that it would be at the upper end of gallery experiences for me. This was perhaps wrong, why shouldn’t a community-focussed organisation be able to deliver the best?

The gallery space was clean, unfussy and well lit. The logo on the window is just perfect and the enthusiasm of the staff was immediately evident. Being someone with a possibly over-critical attitude at times, this was an experience which I can honestly say was a joy from the start. The feeling of positivity was almost tangible – and the children hadn’t even arrived yet!

When all the small faces suddenly appeared at the window, it was just a magical moment. I have never worked with children and it’s a decade since my daughter was that age. It’s easy to forget how amazing children can be. I had already been taken aback by the prints which were on display. They were outstanding ( and perfectly presented). It was hilarious listening to the kids as they tried to find their own artwork on the walls.  When the drink and biscuits were served a scrum was averted by a very abled but likeable primary teacher (the type of teacher we all have fond memories of) who instantly had the children form a line and take turns at raiding the goodies. I particularly liked  her “lift the biscuits with your left hand so that you can take your drink with your right” comment!

Once it calmed down a bit, a few words were said and ribbons were cut marking the opening of the first exhibition at the Young Gallery.

A more formal opening will follow with government dignitaries in a couple of months time but the gallery is now open. All artwork is for sale and if you are in the Glasgow area I would highly recommend you visit.

The Young Gallery

112 Sword Street (off Duke Street)


Glasgow, G31

You can find out more about Impact Arts HERE



Glasgow Art Exhibitions

Glasgow Art Exhibitions

Glasgow art exhibitions seem to be thick on the ground at the moment, no doubt witht the approach of Christmas.

Following on the heels of the WASPS Open Studios last month, the Parade Artists group at tthe studios where I am based are joining in the forthcoming multitude of Glasgow art exhibitions and we are holding an event which spans two weekends at tthe end of November and the begining of December.

I always enjoy this event, even when it got snowed in last year! If you don’t know much about it, around fifteen or so painters, sculptors, glass and textile artists get together and take over the ground floor exhibition area at the WASPS Studios in Hanson Street.

I use it as a kind of testing ground for new work to get feedback but it’s also a great chance for the public to buy art direct from the artists.

As Cafe Sejuiced is unfortunately no longer with us, we have an exciting pop up cafe and of course there is plenty of free parking.

As far as I am concerned it is just a case of using the next two weeks or so to finish some paintings and get some prints mounted.

So, if you are looking for a weekend with a difference or even some unique Christmas gifts, 77 Hanson Street is the place to be!

WASPS Artists’ Studios

77 Hanson Street


G31 2HF

Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th November

Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th December

11am until 5pm each day.

View More Joe Hendry Glasgow Art Exhibitions

WASPS Artists Studios Glasgow -Open Studios 2011

Wasps Open Studios Glasgow

WASPS Artists Studios

WASPS artists studios Open Weekend is only be once per year. However, it is the major event in many of the WASPS artists’ calendar. The preparation takes artists, including me ,away from regular events for a while.  If you are a regular reader of my art blog, apologies for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. I am always amazed at the amount of people who read this and who get in touch. Thank you, it’s nice to know that I am not writing just for my own benefit. It is ope studio preparation that is to blame.

The non-blog updating has been because life got in the way too really. Lots happening and on top of that, there were problems with the website. The website is something that I work really hard to keep the best it can be. User experience is all important to me. You may have noticed that my website has reverted back to the way it was over a year ago. Long story but the template I had been using had come in for some (justified) criticism. I received feedback that it was too busy.

Artists Studios Glasgow

The slight downside of this website is that the images initially appear small, but once you click them, a larger version appears. I hope that this is now simpler for visitors to the site to use.

Open Studios

On top of this, there has been the preparation for this years WASPS Artists Studios in Hanson Street, Glasgow where I am based. The amount of work that goes into the weekend which only happens once a year is quite considerable. There is also the problem of artists trying to work together to make something happen.

This can be likened to lighting a box of fireworks with a grenade. This year it seems to have come together really well with people mucking in. There are always those who never get involved and just open their doors on the day. This is a bit selfish but hey, that’s people isn’t it?

My frustration over the years has been that the Wasps Artists Studios Hanson Street building we are in is fairly large. It isnot all that easy to navigate around if you are unfamiliar with it. A key element is signage which helps our visitors to find all the artists’ studios. Also, our fantastic Cafe Sejuiced tends to be a bit of a magnet for visitors and as much as we want them to enjoy the great soups Frankie the owner makes, we do want people to get around the buiding and see all the work that has been produced.

Exhibiting Artists In Glasgow

The ground floor exhibition area has also traditionally been used to hang large scale paintings. Feedback over the past few years has suggested that people think that this is all there is and don’t then venture upstairs. It also means that visitors think there is nothing for sale under three grand! This can be a bit offputting. It also happens to favour those artists who tend to produce large scale art. Why should they get all the exposure every year? We also have a mix of people in the building, some of whom use their space as a bit of a hobby or part time job. What some people don’t realise is that upstairs in the studios, there are artists who don’t earn  much and for them, Open Studios is a huge opportunity, created by WASPS  for them to make commission free sales.

Artists Really Can Work Together

WASPS Artists Studios is actually a charity, created for the very purpose of providing affordable work spaces for artists due to the low earning potential for the majority of artists. This year, we are using downstairs only for signage and information on the artists. This will hopefully help people to move through the building.

So there we have it. That’s the background to this year’s event. The studios are starting to look really exciting. I believe I have put together one of my strongest Open Studio displays yet.  I still have some tweaks to do and some other bits and pieces. In addition to some marketing work, I still have to distribute 240 flyers locally (well, the excercise is good!) Special mention this year has to go to painter Linda O’Grady. Linda has produced a fantastic brochure for visitors. Painter Stuart Gibbs, who managed to get us some great press. Author Teresa Flavin who has put together a treasure hunt for the visiting children. And of course Gillian Orr, whose energy knows no bounds!

I hope to see you at the weekend if you are in Glasgow when the painting shown on this page will actually be dry!

You can find out more including directions by clicking WASPS Artists Studios

West End Boy

Glasgow Artists

Artist In Chilled Day Out

Ok, so I am a workaholic. I love painting and whenever I am able to, I paint. I do tend to take a Sunday off (not for any religious reasons) but I even feel guilty doing that.

This week, I had a rare mid-week day off from painting in the studio. It’s been a funny old time with lots of life-throwing things at you type scenarios going on. Then of course there is the whole, having to rebuild the website going too.

Glasgow West End

On my day off I went to the West End to catch up with a gallery owner. Also with a friend I have not seen for a while. He is the most chilled man on the planet and his wife is the sweetest girl. If the didn’t have an earthy reality to them then they would be really annoying! Anyway, I was duly escorted to Chai Ovna. This is the most fantastic cafe which is in Otago Lane in Glasgow’s West End. I had a “Little Buddha”, with free refills no less and my mate had a “Spice Master”. Too spicy for me (but not as energy-giving as the top quality Ginseng I had today ).  The Tea menu must have around 100 different teas and they all sound absolutely amazing. My Tea-drinking pal and his wife are looking to open their own centre for helping people. What kind of people? Well, people who need help basically. They will make it happen too.

From there it was a trip next door to a second hand book shop. It was like stepping back in time. I find that I really do lose a sense of time in these places. I tried to take some photo’s. This place has to be seen to be believed. You can’t move for books. My new phone of course, took me by surprise and in this book shop, which was quieter than any library I have ever been in, but busy, was suddenly pierced by the sound of the shutter” on the phone going off like someone cocking a rifle. No-one told me to SSShhh though. So, instead of an interesting shot of the piles of books, it;s half of my mug and some rather ordinary looking shelves. If you are a book-worm though, i would recommend a visit there too.

There was a section with many art books. This is my favourite thing to browse through. Alas, my parking ticket was calling on me and I left empty handed.

I did manage to avoid painting at the studio, although I did visit on the way home to take some photos of the sky for some upcoming paintings. More in a later blog entry about that.

Glasgow Art, French Art

Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow Art Galleries, Monet & Wildenstein

Glasgow art scene has a lot going on and generally, I love looking at work by other artist’s. Painter’s mainly but I do like some printmakers too. If there is anywhere to get self indulgent and spout my opinion then surely it’s on my own art blog?

Today was quite an art-filled day. Firstly, I paid a visit to Trongate 103, a relatively new arts complex in the Glasgow. This houses the Glasgow Print Studio amongst others. I have negative feelings towards the Glasgow Print Studios as several years ago, when I was still in Interior Design, I paid them a visit to ask about print classes. Two stuck up people who obviously thought they were better than me took my details at the reception and I never heard anything else. I tend to rectify this and have a go again at a later date as there is something about print that really draws me in. Much of the current Glasgow artwork  is print based.


The new building, is quite foreboding. It is absolutely fantastic to be honest but it really has that unfriendly white-walled elitist look from the outside, which I guess is why in more than half an hour walking around, I did not see one other visitor.

Not one.

The Best Part

That needs addressed as far as I am concerned. Town was absolutely “hoaching” as we say in Glasgow, and yet this huge art space was empty. Part of it, I think is the aloof appearance of the place. It does say “Free admission” at the door but there is just a feeling that Joe Public shouldn’t be there.

I had a look around  the ground floor of the Glasgow Print Studio. A lot of the same stuff I have seen before. The Helen Fey prints are popular and I can see why. A lot of “challenging” pieces that in my opinion just don’t merit the wall space. It gets up my nose when I see what some of the Glasgow art being produced by artists at the WASPS Studios where I am based have tucked away, never seeing the light of day and then you see some hastily produced, arty farty crap taking up prime wall space in the City centre.

It seemed the best was upstairs though. There were a few Howson’s from around his war period. Big price tags and not his best work – and I love the mans’ art. Then there was a fantastic John Byrne. That made the trip worthwhile. The pic above was me snapped looking hacked off, because I was , just before I got to some work by Ron Pokrasso. It lifted my mood and my day. I left the place thinking that Trongate 103 could do better, be more accessible. Just my opinion but as I said earlier, it’s my art blog!

Art On TV

The anger returned though. Tonight I caught a new programme on BBC 2 called “Fake Or Fortune”. In a nutshell, an elderly Englishman owned an original Monet but because it hadn’t been accepted by the Wildenstein’s catalogue as an original years ago, it was deemed never to be accepted as an original. A fascinating journey followed with trips to France and Egypt proving beyond doubt that this painting was an original Monet. All that was left was for the Wildenstein’s to be given the new documentary information which was requested to conclusively prove the painting was original. Rather rudely, they summoned for the painting to be removed on the same day it was submitted and basically said that it was not an original. The reason: because their father had said so years ago.

Great television. Infuriating result. Just proving that if you have loads of money it is easy to get away with many things, but it doesn’t prevent you from being an ass and that’s this Glasgow art ists opinion!


Virginia Gallery, Glasgow

Virginia Gallery Glasgow

Virginia Gallery, Glasgow

Virginia Gallery in Glasgow is quite a unique little place and it’s name pays homage to the past. Glasgow was quite a different place in the 1980’s. I studied design for four years from 1984-1988 in Glasgow. It was during this period that I got to know and love the City. One of the places I really loved to visit as a student was the Virginia Galleries. It was a strange collection of curio shops but a quality one. It didn’t peddle tat, but antiques art and the tearoom was even top notch.

The Virginia Gallery disappeared in the early nineties sadly. I was happy to hear the the name is to live on.  In 2011, a new collection of boutique style shops opened called Virginia Court. Just at the entrance, a new gallery has opened, Virginia Gallery. Already it has held some really interesting art exhibition and although it is a basement gallery without natural daylight, it has a lovely ambience for viewing paintings.

After a year of not exhibiting, through my own choice, I decided that The Virginia Gallery would be my first venture back into the art scene in Glasgow.

More about the exhibition and  gallery in their own words:-

PAINTED LADIES: the beautiful,original paintings of Joe Hendry,
Kevin Polin and Wesley Edmund.

Exhibition Launch: 1pm, Sunday 29th May, 2011.

Painted Ladies is exhibition of art investigating and celebrating
femininity and the beauty of female form on canvas, through the eyes
and talents of Joe Hendry, Kevin Polin and Wesley Edmund.

Immerse yourself in an uplifting experience of portraiture, abstracts
and nudes. The majority of the works are premiered to the audience at
The Virginia Gallery, and promise to contribute to the map of
paintings depicting women with vibrancy and serenity. Embrace an
opportunity to see stunning aspects from the wider body of work by
these celebrated Irish and Scottish artists for the first time.

All paintings are for sale through The Virginia Gallery.

The exhibition launches at 1pm on Sunday 29th May 2011, and then
continues throughout June until Sunday 3rd July 2011.

The Virginia Gallery is open Monday to Saturday 11.00am until 6.00pm,
and Sunday 12.00midday. until 5.30pm (except very selected hours of
closure, for private classes or events- please contact the gallery on
0141 552 5699 to check opening times and find out about these classes,
at weekends).

The exhibition takes place in a venue where only those over 18 are able to gain admittance.

Private viewings are available by appointment on 0141 552 5699.

Opening in January 2011, The Virginia Gallery is Glasgow’s exciting
new art space in the heart of the Tobacco Lodges of the Merchant
City. The gallery nestles in the lower level space at 45 Virginia
Street, Virginia Court, Glasgow. G1 1TS.

This is the third official exhibition of art and craft within this
developing arts space.  After the success of a pop-up exhibition in
December 2010, it continues to flourish with the energy, generosity
and support of an ever growing number of organisations and artists.
This includes Joe Hendry, Kevin Polin and Wesley Edmund, whom we are
excited and proud to feature in this current exhibition.


Painting Demonstration

Painting Demonstration Glasgow


Glasgow Gallery Demo

On 25th July 2009, I gave my first ever painting demonstration at the Park Gallery in Glasgow.

I have had a fantastic relationship with the gallery since March 2007. Amongst other art exhibitions I have had two Joe Hendry solo exhibitions there.

This was different however. When I was first asked to take part in their series to celebrate the Homecoming Scotland event I was very flattered. Other artists included William Dobbie, John Damari and Douglas Roulston. These artists also gave a painting demonstration. I was also slightly apprehensive as I had never painted in front of a group of art-lovers.

Deciding not to plan anything I headed to the gallery with only  a few landscape photographs to work from.

I felt that the pressure was on to produce a completed landscape in three hours. In reality, this was never going to happen. I have rarely completed a large scale artwork or landscape in that time frame.

What I can say was that it was a truly fantastic experience. The feedback from guests and the questioning at the painting demonstration was very helpful. It was wonderful to see people who were genuinely interested in art.

It is always a concern that no-one will attend these events. I have to say a HUGE heartfelt thank you to everyone who turned up for the painting demonstration. Many stayed for 3 plus hours. A huge thank you to everyone at Park Gallery for yet again hosting a fantastic event. It somehow managed to be both exciting and relaxing at the same time. If you were there I am sure you will understand!

Joe Hendry Gets Ready At Park Gallery, Glasgow

Comment From Park Gallery

How does one describe the creation of a wonderful piece of art?

This is a very difficult question to answer for the majority of art collectors/buyers. Many will not have experienced the evolution of a stunning piece of art from a blank canvas.

I was delighted that Joe Hendry accepted my invitation to participate in a series of events at Park Gallery.  This was to celebrate Homecoming Scotland 2009, exhibiting breathtaking Scottish landscapes and art by our top selling artists.

Joe’s painting demonstration, alongside his exhibition, was hugely successful. It thrilled not only collectors of his work but also visitors who came along to witness something spectacular.

It was incredible watching the reaction of the audience as a blank canvas was vandalised by the most horrendous luminous orange. This was followed by the smiles as the painting emerged over the 3 hour event. I could hear the gasps as the event unfolded as we got an insight into the inspiration of an artist. I am a huge fan personally of Joe’s work and love the styles he evokes on the canvas and I gasped in horror as I saw the emerging structure of what was becoming a beautiful woodland scene receiving another wash across the canvas and the scene disappeared into the haze.

More questions were being asked and there was a unanimous ‘Why?’ to which the master smiled and said just watch and true to his word the structure emerged again only stronger and the colour palette was even more beautiful than earlier. After fielding a series of questions and working almost non-stop for over 3 hours, Joe said ‘enough’.

Finished Artwork

Was this a finished piece?  Joe was emphatic that the painting would need more work to meet his exacting standards, I was dismayed a I believed that the painting just needed a bit more tweaking and he could sign it, but as with most artists they strive for almost perfection and I for one cannot wait to see the finished painting as will the audience who watched in awe.

I know that this was an incredible event and I am delighted to have witnessed another great artist at work during this painting demonstration – THANK YOU

David Johnstone


Park Gallery, Glasgow


Glasgow Art Galleries

Glasgow Art Gallery

Glasgow Art Galleries-Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Glasgow art galleries come and go but the Kelvingrove, as it’s known is destined to always be there. This drawing, entitled “Allison & The Bishop” was created in 1984. At my first week studying Interior Design at college, our lecturer, the Glasgow Artist George Devlin set a project where we had to spend two weeks at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum sketching. It seemed like an odd start to a four year college course but 2 weeks were duly spent at Kelvingrove.

One day I was joined by my long time friend, who I sketched sitting on the wall next to the Bishop Statue at the rear of the building.

Looking at this drawing now, I think I was more adept with a simple pencil than I realised and i don’t know if I would have the patience a quarter of a century later to draw this way.

As far as Glasgow art galleries go, is Glasgow’s top attraction and a favourite haunt of mine to this day. I still think of this drawing every time I visit.

Drawing Dimensions: A4
Medium: Graphite on paper

Original Artwork Sold