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Artists Online

Can you be as successful as Saatchi?

There are now countless artists online selling their own paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. The internet has revolutionised the way that art lovers buy art.

Artists online exist in and of themselves and are also present in various communities.

From to Deviant art and everything inbetween, if you are an artist or somone looking to find independent artists online to buy artwork from then all you have to do is head to your favourite search engine.

Although I have been selling art online since 2002, only began in 2004. It is not enough for an artist just to have a website these days. Although crucial, there are many platforms other than online galleries and the artists own website where you can browse and buy artwork.

Want to see wonderful artwork?

Tumblr is a great forum for browsing art. It is easy to navigate and before long you find yourself jumping from artist to artist because of the way that the sharing is set up on Tumblr.

Similarly, Pinterest is very addictive if you love art! The images on Pinterest are not so large but they are still very clear and it is easy to view and create your own art collections. Many artists find that their artwork is shared on Pinterest and Tumblr a huge amount. Way more than in previous years when these opportunities were not present.

Facebook of course is an obvious place to find art although Facebook’s policies tend to prevent showing a Page’s feed to you if the artist has not paid to promote it. It is different if you are their “friend” on their personal Facebook page.

Art Platforms include:-

  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Behance
  • Deviant Art
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

…and that’s just for starters.

Picture this…

It is not just collectors of art who benefit from being able to browse and connect with artists online. There is now a wealth of information about everything art-related. Opinion, fact and technique come together to help artists progress. YouTube is a fantastic venue for seeing artist’s work. Many artists have time-lapse videos showing their art progress from a blank sheet or canvas to a finished artwork in a matter of minutes. YouTube has really improved over the years and it is now much easier to upload and show your artistic skills via video.

There are several young artists online who are getting opportunities just not available to artists years ago. It is not uncommon for artists to have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views on YouTube or Facebook. This type of exposure is only something that could have been dreamt of a couple of decades ago.

As for me, I try to make my images as large and clear as I can. I have not produced any time-lapse videos yet. This is because I don’t always draw or paint in the same place. Sometimes, I need to sit in a chair for support and it is difficult to have your work filmed in this position. It really needs to be at a desk, easel or drawing board. This is something that I am considering though and I have dabbled with the idea. It has a long way to go before it is perfected. My first attempt is not great but it was just to give people an idea of how I draw.

Keep going

Before I became ill a few years ago, I would have drawn a piece of art like this in two or three days. This piece has taken over 2 months however. It is still not finished! Still, I believe it is better to try and keep going than to just give up! For me, doing a little whenever I can is better than nothing. Even if it is only five minutes at a time.

This leads me to another interesting point about artists online and that is how prolific artists are. It is easy to see. I know artists who create two paintings a year and some who create two per week. It is fascinating to see how other’s work and none of us would have the level of insight we have if it were not for the internet.

So What Does All This Mean?

In a nutshell, If you are an art lover, there are a multitude of places to view artists online. It would be impossible to so readily see this amount of artwork, or artists not so many years ago.

If you are an artist in today’s world the great news is that there are no excuses for not having exposure for your artwork. Get painting and get posting!

Love Quotes

The artwork shown above to illustrate this page is called “Love Quotes”. It seems that it has taken an eternity to create but it’s all about the journey and not the destination. Or so it is said. Love Quotes is quite a small piece at A4 size, or 21 x 29 cm. Like a lot of my illustrative artwork I would like the viewer to take their own meaning from this detailed drawing but I hope that the title helps steer people in the right direction.

Love Quotes is drawn in the best quality lightfast pencil on Bristol Board paper.





Art For Sale Online- Buying direct from the artist

Art For Sale Online

Art For Sale Online

Did you know you can buy art direct from the artist?

Art For Sale Online has grown immeasurably over the years. When i first started to put my early canvas art for sale online, the place to do it was Ebay. Believe it or not, in the early noughties, Ebay was actually a hotbed of artistic talent. It was a fantastic place to buy art direct from the artist. All kinds of original paintings were listed for sale. Things changed however, and Ebay is now the online equivalent of a car boot sale.

Online art for sale now appears in many “art farms” and it seems that everyone is getting in on the action. From people with no interest in art right up to Saatchi online.

Think You Know Where Your Money Goes?

Art collectors looking to buy original paintings use these places to find art for sale online. However, it annoys artists when there are phrases used such as “buy direct from the artist”. If you think that all of the money you spend goes to the artist then think again. Whilst it is understandable that bricks and mortar art galleries take a hefty slice of the money, usually 50%. Did you know that many online art galleries also take around 40%?

Buy art direct artists studio

My Favourite Art Gallery – My Own Studio

Some venues which have art for sale online are much better for artists such as Etsy. Etsy actually takes a very small percentage and it’s listing fees are only twenty cents per item. This means that many artists actually sell their original artwork for less and can still make a reasonable profit to allow them to keep painting.

What Are The Negatives ?

Viewing fine art for sale online may seem a poor alternative to viewing it in a gallery and whilst this is true to some extent as nothing can beat seeing a piece of original art for real, rather than a poor alternative, I think it is a good alternative. Most artists go to great lengths to make sure that the images they upload when they have their art for sale online are of the best quality. Some websites, such as Fine Art America and Artfinder, for me, do a particularly good job of displaying artwork.

Also, in most cases, buying art online is pretty much risk free as many artists and online galleries accept returns with minimal cost, if any to the purchaser.

Advantages of Buying Artwork Direct From The Artist

The other, obvious advantage for people who buy original art online is the ease of viewing a huge amount of art compared to the volume of artwork you would see in a day visiting bricks and mortar galleries. I have sold original paintings to art collectors all over the world from New Zealand to Canada and everywhere in-between. This would never have happened if I had not had an early presence on the internet.

Not only this, but I have never had a piece of artwork from this website returned. Art buyers often ask to see larger images and it is easy to email these. This allows art collectors to make a decision before making a commitment.

Other obstacles are easily dealt with when purchasing artwork from an online artist. Costs of sending bulky frames can be addressed by sending an item unframed. Many art -lovers prefer to choose their own framing anyway. I have sent large oil paintings rolled up, suitably protected and they have safely arrived in places as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Phoenix, Arizona.

Searching for an artist selling their artwork direct is something that  I would highly recommend. You are then genuinely dealing with and artist directly and supporting them. You will also be protected in most cases if you ay using a credit card or Paypal so there really is very little risk.

I have had art for sale online now since 2002 without incident.

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